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Club Member Spotlight – KK4BZ

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Every once and awhile the Sunshine Committee does a Club Member Spotlight.  This time it is our member Duane, KK4BZ.  By  Theresa, KG4TVM. Many of you have met Duane, KK4BZ, formerly known as KM4RTB. He has been a club member for a little while now. Duane has managed to incorporate ham radio into his horse riding activities. During the March Virginia QSO party, he was horse mobile. Duane participates in endurance rides and would appreciate any ham radio assistance for these events. The riders use Baofeng HT’s to communicate during the events. Duane is available at for anyone that would like additional information. Here is some information from Duane: The “local” endurance rides are hosted by Old Dominion Endurance Rides, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization. I am very proud to say that I am currently on the board of… Read more »

Sunshine Corner October

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SUNSHINE CORNER Happy birthday wishes to Terry WA5NTI, Doc W1IMX, Robert KK4MXU, Simon KB3QOA, Ray KM4EKR, Scott KB8NUM, Ruth KU4WH, Keith KM4AA and Phil AC4PL. Sending sunshine and continued best wishes to Butch W4HJL, George K4GVT and Jeff WB4TT, all three are recovering from hospital stays. Freedom Center Mini-Tri on Sunday, October 22nd, please contact Andy KJ4MTP if you can help, this is a fun event and it’s run very efficiently Congratulations to the club for providing radio communications for The Prince William Half-Marathon that was held on October 1st,. Thanks to those that answered the call to help. Special thanks to Wayne N7QLK for chairing this event and making sure the course was covered. Even though the year is starting to wind down there are still many activities going on. Next up is JOTA – Jamboree on the Air… Read more »

VP’s Corner

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VP’s Corner Jeff Fuller WB6UIE How many of you have mentioned your amateur radio hobby to family and friends? If so, I’ll bet you’ve heard comments like “Does anyone still do that?”, and “That’s so out of date. Everyone has cell phones and Internet now.” Well … if you’ve been following the news about the hurricane aftermath in Puerto Rico, you’ll know that two weeks after the storm most of the power is still out and less than 30 percent of the cellular network is working. The Red Cross went directly to ARRL and requested a deployment of 50 hams with equipment to support the relief effort. That “Force of Fifty” is now in place and providing communications support for hospitals and other key nodes [1]. So …keep those batteries charged and remember that we still have a very viable… Read more »