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Sunshine Corner December

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SUNSHINE CORNER Happy end of the year birthday wishes to David KK4ZUU, Tony KM4KLB, David KJ4EPF, Ed KK4PHP, Jay KM4JOJ, Dianne KI4FVV, Bill N4SV, Kelly, Byron AK4XR, Thomas KB1FLK. Great news Butch W4HJL is home! He is still recuperating but things are looking so much better. Condolences to Wayne N7QLK and his family on the passing of Wayne’s father. The annual Holiday Party was held on Sunday, December 10th at the Yorkshire Restaurant. Turnout was wonderful, the donations to Toys For Tots was outstanding, fellowship amazing! The food well just WOW on that. Thank you very much for your donations and for attending, having the club members come out is what makes this event so great. Special thanks to Yorkshire Restaurant for allowing us to come in and have our party, also for preparing the ham & turkey. Thank you to… Read more »

VP’s Corner

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VP’s Corner Jeff Fuller WB6UIE The holiday season is a time for gathering with family and friends, celebrating our many blessings, and of course exchanging gifts. As I think back over the years, I’m thankful for the many gifts I’ve received from amateur radio – a chance to expand my technical skills, volunteer opportunities within the local community, and of the course the many friends I’ve made. I was first licensed back in the prehistoric era of the 1960s. Back then all telephones had wires and a rotary dial, there was no Internet, and computers were mainframes that needed punched cards for input. I remember running into quite a few young hams about my age as I made my first QSOs. Without today’s social media sites like Facebook, how did we keep in touch? We had “scheds” where we would… Read more »

Pinkie’s Corner

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Pinkie Pig here! Reporting in after a glorious day at the Christmas parade. I was just tickled pink at the turnout!! Congratulations and thanks to all of the team that made it happen! I heard that HGTV was going to offer Theresa and Terry a decorating job after seeing the fantastic job they did on the trailer! We all “pigged out” at the catered breakfast at the theatre. That was yummy! I had a “swine” time riding in the parade with Terry. Let me tell you, it’s no easy task getting up into a truck when you are a pig! They make it seem so effortless moving about when they run around and roll in the mud puddles! I loved looking at all the people, but I think they all had “bacon” on the brain! One actually called me a… Read more »