Minutes of OVH Meeting

17 January, 2000

The meeting started at 8:04 PM.

After the pledge of allegiance, all present stated their name and call sign. There were 24 members and 2 guests present.

Program: Batteries by Ed Harris / KE4SKY

K4KHK and KE4SKY developed this program for Virginia ARES. Some of the materials, which were presented, are available at the VA ARES web site (http://www.vaares.org).

Recommended Reference Books: The handbook of Batteries and Fuel Cells by David Linden.

Also recommended to pick up a catalog from West Marine for the battery reference materials within the catalog (cost about $2.00) (1-800-BOATING)

Safety precautions are VERY important. Due to hazards of the chemicals used and the potentially explosive mixture of gases given off during charging.

Most commonly used are lead / acid type. Very heavy due to the lead content. Marine batteries are more commonly used for communications due to the extended depth of discharge. Many types of batteries were discussed, with advantages and disadvantages.

A very interesting and through discussion of this important topic


The past months minutes and the current financial report were approved.

Amateur radio license preparation classes - Bill / K4WRG

The classes will start 10 weeks before the Hamfest. Some discussion was made on whether the license exams could be given during the Hamfest (perhaps at the National Guard armory).

The FCC amateur radio licensing structure will change on the 1st of April. The FCC report and order is available from the ARRL web site (http://www.arrl.org). There was a discussion of some of these changes.

The license course will be set for NOVICE / TECH level. Help is needed in advertising these classes. A brief discussion of insurance coverage for the classes was made. The required insurance certificate is available from Mary Lou.

Committee Reports:

Hamfest - Jack / N4YIC

Talked about the US Amateur Radio stamp issued in 1964. Jack also discussed the results from a poll on Hamfest. Jack will check with the VEC coordinator to check into the possibility of holding licensing exams at the NG armory on the day of the Hamfest. The OVH will not be doing the ARRL book sales at the Hamfest this year. This due to a change in the way the ARRL handles their book sales. Public Relations materials / advertising in being placed with vendors and local organizations.

Repeater - Art / KW4AW:

The 440 repeater exciter now works. Art will continue working on it.

There is an increased possibility of unintended interference from users of the Rockville repeater. A couple new remote receivers are being installed. This means that users will try to use that system from further away.

New Business:

Nomination Committee selections for next months OVH club elections.

Vice president: John Palcer / K4KGU

Secretary: David Lane

Treasurer: Bill South / N4WJN

President: Still open and being worked.

The OVH bylaws provide for the directors to appoint a person to a position if the position is not filled by means of the election.


A great job was done by all concerned this past year in the ARES / RACES activities. Especially the work done for the hurricanes and flooding and the Year 2000 rollover. A copy of a letter from the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Emergency Services was read out.