Minutes of the OVH Meeting

21 January 2002

The meeting was called to order at 2004 by President Jeff Poulin (N1SN).

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.

Welcome John Humphrey, W4IM

The Treasurer's report and the past month's minutes were passed.

Committee Reports

Education: Bill Hinley (K9ZD)

Hoped to have the ads ready - colour printer cartridge dried up. File to be sent to Bill South for the web site. Next class to begin on March 12 2002 19:00 through May 21 2002. Spring Break is in there somewhere. Next to the last Tuesday before the Hamfest.

Technical: Butch Blasdell (W4HJL)

Three functioning repeaters.

Packet: Bill South (N4WJN)

Radios from the nodes are scheduled to come down for sending back to ICOM to be fixed, if affordable. Connections to OVH and then to NIRAC - it has been having problems and doesn't do a netrom broadcast. You have to call out to it on port 4 (9600 baud). Further instructions on Bill's node off of the OVH node.

Ham Fest: Jack McDermott (N4YIC)

Everything is going well. Requested the contract for the out years. Ready for this year. Flyers pending, and Jack is off to Richmond to spread the word. Vienna Frost Fest is March 3rd - we have offered Vienna Wireless a table at the Manassas Hamfest.

Membership: Susan Poulin (K3SSB)

Elizabeth Heartney (KG4NXV) read in.

ARES: David Lane (KG4GIY)

Presentation of the Commendation from the County to the OVH.

JOTA: Jeff Poulin (N1SN)

Presentation of Certificate of Appriciation for JOTA and the Radio Merit badge from the National Boy Scout Council.

Old Business: Jeff Poulin (N1SN)

If the power goes out at the storage facility (the shed), then you have to go through the non-electronic gate. Needs 3 to open and move the gate. A letter is requested to be send to the resident manager at the storage facility to notify them of who will be showing up to open the gate.

Membership renewal time. You must be payed up to vote. Thank you note from Charlie Dale (WA4YGI). Prince William County Schools is looking for volunteers to come in and present. Club should put some gray matter together and come up with a presentaion.

Nominations: Jeff Poulin (N1SN)

President: Bill Hinley (K9ZD)

Vice President: Ruth Frock (KU4WH)

Treasurer: Bill South (N4WJN)

Secretary: Phil Colling (AC4PL)

Elections are next month.


John Humphrey, W4IM, Affiliated Club Coordinator for the Virginia Section came to talk about what he does. Information for the club can be updated on-line.