Minutes of the OVH Meeting

January 20, 2003

President Bill Hinely/K9ZD called the meeting to order at 2001Z

Following the pledge of allegiance, all present stated their names and callsigns.

HAMFEST: Jack/N4YIC: Jack updated everyone on the Hamfest. We are about where we should be with planning.

WEEKLY NETS: Ken/WB4ZOH: Ken gave everyone an update on the weekly net. Ken would like to see a few more people check in, but it is working quite well with the nets.

FIELD DAY: Bill/K9ZD: Bill and Art/KW4AW are getting ready for field day.

EDUCATION: Bill/K9ZD: Bill is getting a flyer ready to advertise the upcoming class that will start in March.. We had some good coverage from the Bull Run Observer, which interviewed Bill and provided a good story on Bill and amateur radio.

EMERGENCY COORDINATOR: Brian/N8FK: Brian is looking for a new list of members with 4-wheel drive vehicles. He also needs information on emergency communications ability of those with 4WD.

ARES: David/KG4GIY: An upcoming event is the MS Walk in April.

If you want to join the PW ARES, go to www.qsl.net/pwcares.

David has been attending meetings of ECs in a "coordination committee." The idea is to get amateurs and communities more familiar with one another and to spread the word about the value of amateur radio operators. David noted that the following question was posed to him by community leaders, and asked us to ponder this question: "How do you alert your communicators (amateur radio operators) that their services are needed due to an emergency when the communications are down?" David asked that we give some thought to how do we answer that question.

ARES will have a table at the Vienna Winterfest.

We are in the process of putting together a list of cross-jurisdiction practices.

There used to be something called "The Institute." They are trying to get this going again. This is a class of sorts for emergency communications of various types.

Another big event during September 5 - 7 is the "DC Challenge," which is a walk from Annapolis to DC. There is another upcoming 150-mile bike ride. Details are forthcoming.

FAR: Ruth/KU4WH: There was no new news regarding FAR. However, David/KG4GIY noted that AutoCall has been improved. At the back of each issue, there is now a club roster with contact information.

FINANCE: Bill/N4WJN: The year-end balance sheet and current month were read. The financial report passed.

HISTORIAN: Bill/N4WJN and Ken/WB4ZOH: We put the OVH ARC on a list of names for any upcoming MARS lander missions.

MEMBERSHIP: Ken/WB4ZOH: We have three people to be voted on for OVH membership: Mark Braunstein/WA4KFZ, Mark Cleveland/KG4JAM, Peter Jensen/KG4WAQ. All three were voted in unanimously. Welcome to the Ole’ Virginia Hams, Mark, Mark and Peter.

PACKET: Bill/N4WJN: Bill will have a list of possible future purchases for the packet sight.

REPEATERS: Art/KW4AW: We have an estimate on costs for the battery updates. Art also noted that he can have his gel cells up and running at the repeater sight if needed.

Art proposed that we have a price quote for backup batteries that will run out shortly. Art made a motion that we purchase the backup batteries for the 2M repeater. The motion passed.


Vienna Winterfest: Jim/W4JTP: The Winterfest is coming up in Annondale at the Commnity College.. There will be tailgaiting this year. This event takes place on February 23. This hamfest is put on by the Vienna Wireless society.

NATIONAL RAILWAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Tom/WA2QAL: The chartered train trips have not been announced. The trains will leave out of Union Station in DC. This will occur the first week in July.

MINUTES OF THE DECEMBER 2002 OVH MEETING: The minutes were approved.

JOTA: We had a very nice letter of thanks from Cub Scout troop 1195 that was read aloud by Bill/K9ZD.

MEMBERSHIP: Ken/WB4ZOH: One new member was read in and will be voted on at the February OVH meeting: Wayne Phillips/N7QLK

Officer elections will take place at the February 2003 meeting of the Ole‘ Virginia Hams.

The meeting adjourned at 2143.