Minutes of the OVH Meeting

January 17, 2005

Ruth/KU4WH called meeting to order at 2000 Eastern time.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs. There were 21 OVH members present.


MINUTES – The minutes of the December 2004 OVH meeting were approved with one minor correction.

TREASURER’S REPORT - Bill / N3OH – Bill presented the Treasurer’s report.


REPEATERS – Butch/W4HJL - The repeaters are mostly working well. There are some upcoming projects for the repeaters and the priority is to get the 440 machine up and running.

HAMFEST – Keith/KM4AA – We had a kickoff meeting recently. All went well at the meeting and we are getting everything underway.

FAR – David/KG4GIY – FAR is currently taking a close look at its overall mission and operation, and undergoing a "reinvention."

PACKET – Bill/N3OH - The NIH facility is now down. Bill will try to get us a 9600 baud internet connection. We had a short discussion regarding packet and other digital communications methods.

WEEKLY NETS – Ruth/KU4WH – The Nets are going well. Ruth will make a new schedule for net operators. New volunteers to help with the weekly net are always welcome.

CLUB EMERGENCY COORDINATOR – Brian/NC4J – The annual Nokesville bike ride has been cancelled. Brian recommends that we all check our equipment to be sure that everything is ready for the cold weather.

ARES – David/KG4GIY - An MOU with the City of Manassas is in the works. Much is in the works regarding ARES at the moment. We are trying to get ham radio gear pre-staged at the three primary PW County shelters. There will be several training sessions upcoming which will be posted on the PW County ARES website. There will also be an ARES re-organization meeting.

SUNSHINE – Jan/KE4TMW – A gift was sent to the Arthritus Foundation in honor of Harry Vorhauer/W4PVA, and the Arthritus Foundation sent us a thank-you letter. Jan is collecting submissions for Harry’s memory book.

FIELD DAY – Brian/NC4J – Brian asked for suggestions for Field Day 2005.

BPL – George/K4TVM – George has new maps showing the locations of new BPL sights. We had a short discussion on how to describe BPL interference.




David/KG4GIY gave us a presentation on ARES in general and ARES in PW County in particular. Among many items, David noted the differences between RACES and ARES, the importance of ARES to the community, and the general operation of ARES.



After some general discussion about Harry Vorhauer/W4PVA and his contribution to the OVH over the years, a motion was made to rename the OVH scholarship the Harry D. Vorhauer Scholarship. The motion passed unanimously and with tremendous enthusiasm.

We held a brief discussion on whether the OVH can get Harry’s call sign (W4PVA). Harry was a founding member of the OVH and the general consensus was that it might therefore be appropriate for the OVH to have his call sign. Steve/N4OGR and Jan/KE4TMW will check with Harry’s family to see if that is o.k. with them.


Barry/WA4HR won the 50/50 raffle. A total of $21 was collected, and Barry won $11 and The Club received $10.

The meeting adjourned at 2123 Eastern time.