Minutes of OVH Meeting

21 February, 2000

The meeting started at 8:02 PM.

After the pledge of allegiance, all present stated their name and call sign.

There were 23 members and 1 guest present.

Program: The speaker scheduled for tonight had to cancel for personal reasons.

Old Business:

The past months minutes and the current financial report were approved.

The Nokesville Fun Run and Bike Ride has been canceled for the spring. It will be held again in the fall. The fall activity is supposed to be a larger activity.

OVH President, Cathy Whalen / AE4UM thanked the current OVH club officers for all of their contributions during the past year.

The Prince William County Citizens Police Academy will be starting on 5 April 2000. If anyone is interested, the phone number to call is 703-792-6599.

Ruth / KU4WH was recognized with a gift for being our FAR representative, and helping with many other OVH projects.

Committee Reports:

Repeater - Art / KW4AW:

Art is still working on the 440 repeater. The exciter is working. Art is now working on the 40-watt module. It is hoped that the output will be 50 to 75 watts when finished. A reminder to get your OVH dues turned in, as the autopatch access code will change at the end of March.

Some of the OVH members are building QRP rigs. Art is working on a low cost meter to use to verify the output for these rigs.

The OVH finance committee met to plan the budget for the new year. The planned budget was discussed briefly. The amount planned for the OVH scholarships was also discussed.

Scholarships - Jack / N4YIC:

Information about the OVH scholarships has been sent out to the schools. One additional school was included this year.

Hamfest - Jack / N4YIC:

Information about the Hamfest has been sent out to 100 vendors that attend our Hamfest. Jack also faxed the OVH Hamfest flier to additional 150 vendors, hoping to drum up more business. He has also contacted all of the ham radio magazines. Several of these provide materials to hand out at the Hamfest, also some free subscriptions to use as prizes. The ARRL provides mailing address labels for all the clubs in the region (about 300).

The possibility of Licensing exams being held during the Hamfest could be an additional item to increase the attendance. It looks like there is sufficient interest to make it a good possibility.

There was some discussion of the place to hold the exams, and whether there is enough VEs to staff and exam session. It appears that this can be in place for the Hamfest.


Advertisements are ready. The classes will run Tuesday nights from 28 March through 30 May. The text is the ARRL publication "NOW YOU ARE TALKING", the 3rd edition. Art / KW4AW briefly discussed the question pools for the exams.

New Business:


Baltimore Hamfest 24 Mar through 26 Mar, at the Maryland State fairgrounds, They are looking for hams to assist them at the Hamfest. There are several benefits to assisting.

Harry / W4PVA has a telephone handset amplifier which is available for anyone who could make use of it. He also discussed briefly some of the techniques used in previous years to verify transmitter output. For instance the use of a flashlight lamp in series with the transmitter output. You would tune for maximum light level.

OVH club elections:

Ballots were passed out, so that voting could be done during the break.

No one has yet agreed to be president. If you can find someone to agree, please write him or her in.


The ballots were counted, and the results were announced.

Vice president: John Palcer / K4KGU

Secretary: David Lane

Treasurer: Bill South / N4WJN

President: Still open and until someone is willing to volunteer the OVH directors will take turns conducting the OVH meeting and activities.


A new membership application was read in for Joseph Ford N6GDX.

Congratulations to the new club officers, and a big thank you to all those who have assisted the club in the past year.