Minutes of the OVH Meeting

19 February 2001

The meeting was called to order at 2000 by Don "Butch" Blasdell (W4HJL) acting as chair.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.

Attendance: 20 members and 2 guests

The past month's minutes were passed. The Treasurer was unable to attend.

Committee Reports

Repeater: Art Whittum (KW4AW)

Need to install the lightning arresters.

Education: Bill Hinely (K4WRG)

Request is in to Stonewall Jackson High School for use of the room. Classes are scheduled to start Tuesday March the 20th and run through the 29th of May. This includes a week for spring break.

Also, the club received an email asking about the availability of Morse Code training. The club has the ARRL tapes available and will loan them to any member that asks.

Membership: Jeff Poulin (KV4AP)

Two applications were voted on: Dan Roberts (WB4KLC) and David French (N7FAN). They were accepted unanimously - welcome!

Banner: David Lane (KG4GIY)

The final selection was made and a size was decided on (3 feet by 5 feet) and a motion to get the banner made was passed.


WinterFest: Dave Warrington (WW4MM)

Two speakers of note at the Vienna WinterFest - Randy Hollingsworth, FCC Enforcement Office, and Mike Martin (K3RFI). Expecting a good turnout. VE session is Saturday morning rather than the day of the ham fest.

Publication: Brian Cochran (KE4NFK)

The local Comcast channel is 23 that we can post "announcements". Steve (N4OGR) will look into it.

T-MARC Meeting: Art (KW4AW) attended the T-MARC meeting - they are the frequency coordinators for our area. The T-MARC president, Larry D'Anna (WA3KOK) was reelected. Art is a serving another term on the board. More information at http://www.t-marc.org.

Elections: Don "Butch" Blasdell (W4HJL)

The following officers were elected to serve a one year term: President: Jeff Poulin (KV4AP), Vice President: John Palcer (K4KGU), Treasurer: Bill South (N4WJN) and Secretary: David Lane (KG4GIY). Congratulations to all.

Butch also announced that the club has received a certificate from the ARRL for our donation to the 2001 frequence retention campaign.

Scholarships: Jack McDermott (N4YIC)

We are awarding two $1000 scholarships this year. Forms will be going out to the 15 schools in the county and are due back by May 1st.

Hamfest: Jack McDermott (N4YIC)

In Jack's words - we are on track. Some highlights include:

- the contract for the out years is in place.

- there may be air conditioning in place by the ham fest.

- the tickets have been redesigned.

- we cannot legally post signs in the county.

- Charlie (WA4YGI) is heading up the prizes again.

- another group is scheduled to be on the ground on the setup Saturday, but should not pose a problem.

Membership: Jeff Poulin (KV4AP)

As his first official act, Jeff turned over membership duties to Susan Poulin (KG4JBD).

New Business

Presidential Initiatives: Jeff Poulin (KV4AP)

Jeff introduced the following initiatives:

- a special event station on the 21st of July to commemorate the first battle of Bull Run.

- a display with gear at the Heritage Railroad Days in Manassas. We need some assistance with the displays and any other support from those who cannot help set up for Ham Fest (which is the 3rd).

Additional events the club might like to have a presence at include the Prince William fair in August and Old Town Days in October. Jeff would also like to see a membership drive.

Meeting adjourned at 2130. Next meeting is Monday March 19, 2001.