Minutes of the OVH Meeting

February 16, 2004

John KG4NXT called meeting to order at 8 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance

John introduced N4MM John Kanode our guest speaker for the evening. Also present Ben KF4KJQ a student at Thomas Jefferson High School who was accompanied by Vienna Wireless members, Pete, Tom & Mathew

Butch W4HJL started the election process by handing out the ballots.

Mary Lou handed out tickets for those in attendance to fill out for a chance to win a wooden vase made by Al KB4BHB

Meeting was turned over to John N4MM for his presentation on DX. John covered the history of DX, how the program was started and several different awards that hams can try to earn. John recommended a new book just out that covers all the awards and requirements, "The ARRL Operating Manual". Three awards have been dropped by the ARRL, The Old Rag Chewers Club, Old Timers Award and the Friendship Award.

Butch presented the results of the elections; all officers will remain the same.

Al Dugas contributed another of his handcrafted flower vases as the door prize.

Drawing for the prize was done by Wayne’s N7QLK daughter, the winner was Thomas N4ZPT, who was visiting from Vienna Wireless.


Meeting called back to order

Minutes from the last meeting were approved with no changes, Motion to approve by David KG4GIY, seconded by Brian N8FK

Treasurer’s Report by Bill

Report approved


Repeater – Butch stated that all 3 repeaters are up and running, a new antenna will be going up and we will need to pay for the installation of approximately $1000 because they will not let us install it ourselves.

Education – Bill next class starts March 17th at Stonewall Jackson High School in Room 2B, a flyer is on our web site

Hamfest – David KG4YIC, we are where we should be at this time! Getting ready to send vendor letters out. More people have volunteered but he still needs more. Mt Vernon will be doing the VC session so there will be no charge for the test. The NCAC is doing a workshop after the vc session about connectors and crimping

Vienna Wireless Hamfest is Feb 29th at NVCC Annandale Campus and info can be found on viennawireless.com

Jack N4YIC asked Vienna Wireless reps in attendance if they were willing to exchange tables with us at hamfest, they recommended going on their web page and signing up.

Field Day – Brian N8FK we are where we should be at this time! Working on several items wants to have a satellite contact. Bill N4WJN will supply laptops for logging; he does need an 80211 card for one of the laptops

Membership – John WA1STU read in Doris A. Spooner, KI4DAL, xyl of Roland

FAR – no report

Weekly Net – rotating schedule is done thru April.

ARES – David KG4GIY April 17th Manassas MS Walk, set up at 7:30 a.m. same course as last year. Dulles Drill May 8th. NCAC meeting with the Red Cross to workout a regional plan to assist the Red Cross, meeting is to be at the end of the month, next training session will be the end of May. Red Cross will be bringing their truck to Hamfest.

Publicity – Steve N4OGR, wants someone to take over the publicity, his wife Jan is just too busy to be able to get the information out.

Packet – Bill N4WJN, thanked George KE2AM for supplying the machine for packet. Web page server is running if you have any problems send Bill an email and let him know the problem.

Scholarship – no report

New Business – Dwight N4GSD wanted to know if we could have a table at hamfest for code. Per David this will be possible.

Mark had a response to his letter to Frank Wolfe about BPL. He received a stock response from FCC, looks like they are pushing to get BPL up and running. Frank Wolfe is on the Homeland Security Committee.

George KE2AM has magnetic signs for the side of your car; see him for prices and orders

David sent in the orders for the antennas and they should be delivered on Thursday, he will need to separate and put the orders together for everybody and then will let you know when and were to pick up.

BPL – Paul W4RI, who is a technical officer with ARRL., spoke on what the ARRL has done to send out letters on BPL to different organizations. He requested comments on measurements with noise levels to help our case.

Frank K0BRA is getting calibrated equipment in place, has done testing in Potomac that locked up the system with 4 watts. System in Manassas sounds different than the one in Potomac. Discussion followed.

Butch said we have a "Tiger Team" they are going to get measurements as soon as BPL is running in Manassas to catch the problem

Bob K4HJF said the City is just testing right now

Meeting adjourned at 9:45