Minutes of the OVHams Meeting

February 21, 2005

Ruth/KU4WH called meeting to order at 2000 Eastern Time.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs. There were 24 OVH members and 5 guests present.


MINUTES – The minutes of the January 2005 OVH meeting were approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT - Bill / N3OH – Bill presented the Treasurer’s report.

REPEATERS – Butch/W4HJL - The repeaters are working well. Art/W1CRO noted that there is some noise at certain times on the 220 machine. We have some repeater projects coming up this Spring.

EDUCATION – John/WA1STU - We are in the process of putting together a Technician course. It will probably be on Saturday morning for three hours each time. We’re working on getting a place. As soon as we have that, we’ll get going. We’re shooting to start on April 2.

HAMFEST – Ruth/KU4WH – We had a meeting last Thursday. Everything is on track at this point. The fairground is set and we have sent letters to potential vendors.

MEMBERSHIP – John/WA1STUBob Gustavis/KI4ILS and Joy Lee/KI4GZZ were read in and will be voted on at the March 2005 OVH meeting.

ARES – David/KG4GIY – There was an ARES staff meeting on February 5 which was well attended. ARES is going to have a bi-monthly training meeting. The next meeting will be March 19. The next training session will be in May. The MS Walk is on April 9. Set up at 7:30 at The Battlefield. April 23 is the NCAC Institute. www.ncacdc.com is the website for more information on the NCAC Institute. The next ARES meeting will be on May 23. March 15 is Tornado Preparedness Day.

CLUB EMERGENCY COORDINATOR – Brian/WC4J – Brian is going to take inventory of our Club equipment and the status of that equipment. Ruth/KU4WH noted that we have been contacted about us participating in another mini triathlon like we did last Fall.

PACKET AND HOMEPAGE – Bill/N3OH – Bill had a failure updating the web server. The old system is back and access to the webpage should be fine.

HISTORIAN – Theresa/KG4TVM - Theresa asked us to bring things for Harry’s (W4PVA’s) memory book. Bruce Keller/W4ODM, who is a former member of the OVH now living in Florida, relayed story to Theresa via E-mail about using a Cessna Skyhawk to help talk people into the OVH Hamfest. Theresa read Bruce’s account of the "airborne talk-in" with Harry, and all present enjoyed the story and memory immensely. Steve/N4OGR gave us an update on getting Harry’s callsign and his conversations with Harry’s family members.

HARRY D. VORHAUER SCHOLARSHIP – Jim/W4JTP – Letters will go out this week for potential recipients of the Harry D. Vorhauer Scholarship.

OVH CLUB OFFICER ELECTIONBrian/WC4J was nominated from the floor to be the Club President. Dwight/AI4II was nominated from the floor to the Club Vice President.




OVH CLUB OFFICER ELECTION RESULTS – The current Club officers were all elected to another one-year term to go through the OVH meeting in February 2006 – President – Ruth Frock/KU4WH, Vice President – John Heartney/KG4NXT, Treasurer – Bill South/N3OH and Secretary – Phil Colling/AC4PL.

AUTOCALL – David/KG4GIY – We can get some free publicity in AutoCall.

50/50 – $23 was collected, and Brian/WC4J won and donated his winnings back to the Club. Thank you Brian.

The meeting adjourned at 2116 Eastern time.