Minutes of the OVH Meeting

20 March 2000

The meeting was called to order at 8:02 pm by Don "Butch" Blasdell (W4HJL) acting as Chair.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.

Attendance: 19 Members and 2 Guests

The past month’s minutes and current financial status were approved by the membership.

Committee Reports:

Hamfest/Scholarships: Jack McDermott (N4YIC)

Vendors are coming on board. The OVH Tailgate table needs staffing; otherwise, the staffing levels are OK.

Insurance coverage for Stonewall Jackson for the introduction class has been lined up. Insurance for the VEC tests is pending.

ARRL tag is "available" for Virginia hams. VDOT needs 350 people committed to getting the tag produced. There are 150 committed across the state so far. If you are interested in committing, you need to give the Virginia DMV $20 as if the plate were already available. See Jack for more information.

Scholarships are out and waiting for responses. There are 2 @ $1000 to be selected.

Membership: MaryLu Blasdell (KB4EFP)

MaryLu handled membership duties while Jeff was out sick. The following were read in:

Daniel Pawlak (KF4KKF), Jason Earle (No Call), Glen Smith (KC5UYA). They will be voted on in the April meeting.

Joe Ford (N6GDX) was voted into the club. The vote was unanimous. Welcome Joe.

License Classes: Bill Hinely (K4WRG)

License classes are ready to go. It starts March 28th and runs through May 30th. Information has been posted to the Web site. There is no Novice class anymore. The new test will have 380 questions. Contact Bill for more information. Tell your friends, drum up support.

Repeater: Art Wittem: (KW4AW)

We have 3 repeaters. But seriously, Art was checking something on the 40W unit of the 440 repeater and managed to break something in the process, so that has to be repaired. Procrastination reins as Art tries to build a couple of regulator circuits, three tone circuits, three control circuits. Art is going to get some help (with the building the circuits).

VE Exams scheduled for the Hamfest will be held at Bennett Elementary School. Directions will be posted to the web site. We have requested space for 80. Tests will be run from 8 am to Noon.

ARES: Erv Whalen (KT4DS)

Erv handed out some sealed NiCads at the meeting – good for those who use HTs as well as mobile stations.

Events upcoming:

April 15: Bull Run Run – Ultra Marathon

April 29: MS Walks – being held in Reston, Manassas, Montgomery County

April 29: Dogwood ˝ Hundred (30 mile endurance hike in the GW National Forest)

May 6: Dulles Airport Drill with NVAEMS

May 13-14: Massanutten Mountain Trail 100 Mile Ultra 24hr run

June 3-4: MS Bike 150 Manassas – Fredericksburg and back

June 4: OVH Hamfest

Contact Erv for details and contact information. Erv is the contact for the Dogwood ˝ Hundred.

New Business

Awards: Board of Directors

The Board awarded a certificate of appreciation to Cathy Whalen (AE4UM) for 2 years of service as President of OVH.

The Board awarded a certificate of appreciation to Lloyd DeLapp (N4OOM) for service as Secretary.

The Board awarded a certificate of appreciation to Steve Frick (N4OGR) for service as Vice President. Steve was not present to receive his award.

Thanks to MaryLu for preparing the certificates.

Dues: MaryLu (KB4EFP)

A reminder to pay your dues before 1 April 2000 or you will not receive your membership card and therefore, not be able to use the autopatch and other coded access features of the repeaters.

Board of Directors:

The board will meet and determine the new committee chairs, except for Hamfest chair, who has been reappointed until the end of Hamfest.

Program: Art (KW4AW)

Art and the technical gang presented the finished version of their QRP rigs. Real transceivers that fit in an Altoids tin. For more details, see the February newsletter or contact Art directly.

Kudos to Ruth for her good work on the FAR

Bill South (N4WJN) raised a question about including phone numbers of committee members on the web site. The general consensus was that this was not a bad thing. If you have any modifications, direct the to Bill.

This months trivia: Harry Vorhauer (W4PVA)

A vacuum tube or a transistor – neither will amplify. They have to have the associated parts in order to amplify.

Art will be the Chair for April’s meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 9:06 pm