Minutes of the OVH Meeting

18 March 2002

The meeting was called to order at 2000 by President Bill Hinley/K9ZD

The meeting got off to a somewhat rough start with the new officers, but things eventually fell into place. Twenty-one members and no guests were present.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.

Tonights Program - No formal program occurred at this meeting.


Old Business:

The treasurer's report and past month's meeting minutes were passed.

Committee Reports:

Technical Committee - Butch Blasdell/W4HJL - Butch noted that there is work to be done on the repeater and that that work will be done, but all is fine for now.

Membership - Charllotte Coghill/KG4QXO - John Harrell/GH4QXL, who was read in at the previous meeting, was voted in as a member of OVH by a unanimous vote.

Scholarship - Jack Mcdermott/N4YIC - Noted that all applications for scholarships need to be to Jack by May 1. They were sent out in early March. The Scholarship Committee will meet to decide the scholarships. Awards will be presented and announced at the May OVH meeting. Scholarships are for Electronic/Electrical Engineering and/or Computer Science majors. OVH will award two $1,000 scholarships. Butch/W4HJL noted that it is in our charter to take part in these sorts of activities, and we need to do so to keep our non-profit status. The scholarships are for local (Prince William County) students.

Ham Fest - Jack McDermott/N4YIC - Jack noted that he has gotten people to volunteer for work at the Hamfest and that all key assignments are filled. All planning is in place. This includes the Fair Grounds, Chairs, Tables, Trucks, and that 280 mailings are ready to go out on April 1. We need to contact the school to arrange for the VE session. The armoury is usually busy that day, and we can't have it on fairgrounds. Bill/N9ZD and Ruth/KU4WH noted that there were problems with last year’s VE session, and also noted that steps will be taken to ensure that those problems are not repeated this year. We will have two police officers to help with traffic.

Education - Bill Hinley/K9ZD - Bill noted that the new Technician class just started. Twelve students showed up. More want to attend the class. A brief discussion occurred on classes for General and Extra class licenses, but nothing firm was decided.

Packet - Bill South/N4WJN - Bill noted that the packet gateway is back in operation. We can connect through the OVH node or the VIREC node. There are content restrictions. We can not violate FCC rules. However, those rules have been relaxed in the last five years. The speed is still 1,200 baud. We have to be able to protect non-hams from getting in. If you get denied access, ask Bill to help resolve the problem.

FAR - Ruth Frock/KU4WH - Ruth spoke with the President of FAR at the Vienna Hamfest. They are having financial trouble. A problem is that it cost $9 per year to print Autocall, but a subscription is $8. Therefore, not even printing costs are being covered. One possibility is to make autocall a quarterly publication, or make it an electronic publication via the internet. There will be a meeting in May to discuss the issues. There was some general discussion at our meeting on how to resolve the problems, including raising the subscription rate. There will no longer be a FAR Fest.

ARES - David Lane/KG4GIY - David showed a new "plaque for commendation" for OVH, awarded by Prince William County, for OVH‘s contributions following September 11. The other one that was presented originally went to Vienna Wireless.

David (and Erv) noted the following upcoming events -

* The "Bull Run Run" on April 13, an all day event marathon around Fairfax county - Time is from 5:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. The contact is Howard Cunningham, whose E-mail is howardc@macrollc.com. This event is also posted on the Prince William county ARES website.

* MS Walk on April 20 - This will originate at the NOVA Community College campus just south of the Manassas National Battlefield, and the walk will occur on the Battlefield. David is looking for about ten volunteers. We will meet at the campus at about 7:00 A.M. We should be done by 1:00 P.M.

* PW county drill with the Red Cross, June 5,6 7 (Wednesday through Friday) - David does not know the details yet, but believes that this will be excellent training. David suggests that if we can that we participate in at least one day of this event. David will try to have ARES training beforehand.

* Norfolk Southern Derailment Drill, Monday, October 7 or perhaps sooner - David noted that NS has had about five derailments in the last year, and that they believe that the time has come to have a drill. No details are currently available.

* Dogwood 2002 Run in the Shenandoah Valley - Irv noted that help will be needed for this event.

* Hamfest - Dave will need help with the front gate, especially in the early morning. Gates opening at 6:00 A.M. this year.

- break -

World Radio Magazine - Ruth Frock/KU4WH - Ruth got a renewal notice for World Radio. We get 8 issues of the magazine per year, and our club is publicized in the magazine, including the Hamfest. The cost is $65 per year. A motion was made to renew our subscription/membership, and the motion passed by a unanimous voice vote.

New Business:

ARRL Special Service Clubs - Bill Hinley/K9ZD - Bill noted that we already participate in many of the activities that are necessary to become an ARRL Special Service Club. These activities need to be documented, and we need to consider the activities that we need to add. There was a general discussion regarding this. It was generally agreed that it is not feasible for us to have our own club station. However, we can have training aids, projects, etc. We could have a technical coordinator. The affiliated club coordinator is John Humphrey/W4IM. Ruth/KU4WH noted that we might meet with John Humphrey to see what we need to do. Bill/K9ZD noted that general information regarding becoming a Special Service Club is on the front page of the March 2002 Newsletter. The detailed information for becoming a Special Service Club is available at the ARRL website. Hard copies of this information were distributed at the meeting.

Library Tapes - Bill Hinley/K9ZD has these.

Club Shirts - Ruth Frock/KU4WH - Ruth discussed some of the possible designs and the people who produce the shirts. They can provide up to 6x size and can provide almost any color, with the caveat that the more common colors will cost less. Can do golf (polo) and t-shirts, pocket or no pocket, all cotton or poly-cotton blend, etc. Bill South/N4WJN showed some of the different logos. A general discussion took place on the shirt design. It was generally agreed that blue is a good color. About four different designs will be drawn up so we can vote on a design at the next meeting. The makers can be at the next meeting. General consensus is NO PIGS on a logo.

Fleet watch - Steve Frick/N4OGR - This is a public service organization that has volunteers "roam the neighborhoods" to help provide for neighborhood defense. They will tell you what to look for. The primary purpose is home defense. It is possible that a police officer will be able to meet with OVH to discuss this.

National Railway Historical Society - Tom Podlesak/WA2QAL - Tom noted that the National Railway Hhistorical Society is having an event in Baltimore in July 2003 involving restored historical railway cars. A train will run from Baltimore into Pennsylvania. This event is sponsored by City of Baltimore and C&O Railroad. The event sponsors are willing to have an "Executive Net" that will involve amateur communications from the train. Tom is a member of the National Railway Historical Society and can arrange for our participation. Many present at the meeting were very interested in this event.

The meeting adjourned at 2146.