Minutes of the OVH Meeting

March 17, 2003

President Ruth Frock/KU4WH called the meeting to order at 2004

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and callsigns. There were 23 OVH members and one guests present.

The minutes of the February 2003 OVH meeting were approved.

TREASURERíS REPORT: Bill/N4WJN - the Teasurer's report passed.

REPEATERS: Butch / W4HJL - Something happened with the receiver on the 2-meter repeater. The problem will be solved. Karl/W4KRL has been very helpful in getting the new battery and chargers installed. Thank you Karl for your efforts in updating the backup batteries for the OVH repeaters.

EDUCATION: Bill/K9ZD - The new technician license class starts next week. We have great interest this time, including interest by an entire family in taking the class.

HAMFEST: Jack/N4YIC - Things are going well. Jack needs more volunteers for the gates and for tailgating. Bill / K9ZD noted that we need VEs for the VE session. Several OVH members volunteered for the VE session.

MEMBERSHIP: Charlotte/KG4QXO - There were no new members to be read in or voted in this month.

FIELD DAY: Art/KW4AW - We need to get some interested people together to generate some new ideas. We have reserve the park in Nokesville for the 2003 Field Day.

WEEKLY NETS: Ken/WB4ZOH - we're having good activity and participation on the weekly nets.

ARES: David/KG4GIY - David asked that we be prepared for a possible activation in the next few weeks.

On April 5 we have the MS walk. The location for the walk is the Manassas National Battlefield Park. There will be a briefing at 8:30 A.M. and the walk starts at 10:00 A.M. David is looking for a few more volunteers.

April 12 is the "Bull Run 15." Volunteers are needed for that. Send an e-mail to the Fairfax County coordinator if you are interested.

May 24 is the National Capital Emergency Coordinators institute. This is at the Lee Center in Alexandria.

We should download the radio gram form. This is for NTS traffic forms.

PACKET: Bill/N4WJN - We have some additions that will assist ARES packet utilization.

OLD BUSINESS: Tom/WA4QAL - The National Railway Historical Society convention is still on. Tom is involved with a planning meeting at the Baltimore Amateur Radio Society this Wednesday. Tom has directions for those interested. The meeting starts at 7:30.


Ken/WB4ZOH - Ken asked that we create a backup net manager and a pool of other volunteers. Teresa / KG4TVM volunteered to the backup Net Manager. Several otherat the meeting agreed to be in the pool of other volunteers.

Ken/WB4ZOH - Ken asked that someone be the main contact for Amateur Radio Newsline (ARN) for submitting our articles to ARN. John / KG4NXT agreed to do this. John is now the primary person on the Newsline committee.

SCHOLARSHIP: Jack/N4YIC - Al letters have gone out to schools, and we need their letters in by May 1.

Bill/N4WJN - Bill suggested that we have a standardized logo, and requested that we have some ideas and help from someone with artistic ability.

The meeting adjourned at 2115