Minutes of the OVH Meeting

March 15, 2004


Ruth / KU4WH called meeting to order at 2000 Eastern time.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all presented stated their names and call signs. There were 19 OVH members present.

MINUTES: The minutes from the Feb. 2004 OVH meeting were approved with minor corrections.

TREASUERER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s report was presented by Bill / N4WJN. The report was approved.


REPEATERS: Butch / W4HJL stated that all three repeaters are up and running very well. We now have backup amplifiers for all repeaters.

HAMFEST - David / KG4GIY: Two vendors have now signed up. Things are moving along very well. Vendor letters are going out. At this point, things are actually a little ahead of schedule. Of course, we will need plenty of volunteers for the Saturday before Hamfest and the day of the Hamfest.

MEMBERSHIP – John / WA1STU: Dorris Spooner / KI4DAL was voted into the Ole’ Virginia Hams with a unanimous vote. Welcome to the OVH, Dorris.

FAR – Ruth / KU4WH: There will be a Feb. 2004 Autocall. Autocall will be quarterly now.

WEEEKLY NET – Ruth / KU4WH: The weekly nets are going very well. Mark / KG4JAM, who has been a regular net controller, has accepted a job in Chicago, IL. Best wishes in your new ventures in and your move to Chicago, Mark. Volunteers for the weekly nets are needed to fill Mark’s slots.

ARES – David / KG4GIY: We need volunteers to help with the MS Walk on April 17 on the Manassas National Battlefield Park. The MS Society always appreciates our help. A drill at Dulles Airport will occur on May 8. Many types of communications will be used at this event. On May 20, the NCAC Institute will take place, which is official ARES training.

CLUB EMERGENCY COORDINATOR - Brian / N8FK: Brian reiterates that we need help for the upcoming events that David / KG4GIY mentioned.


PACKET / HOMEPAGE – Bill / N4WJN: The official packet frequency for VA and MD is 145.73. Bill asks us to report how well this frequency works. Steve / N4OGR notes that the 220 packet frequency is alive and well, and suggests that we use the 220 packet frequency more often. Bill notes that the BBA is still working. The Webpage is working very well, and Bill suggests that we check the BPL clearing page for updates on the subject of BPL.

BPL – Ruth / KU4WH: The OHV has sent out an official letter to local and national officials regarding concerns about BPL. Butch / W4HJL noted that in the last city meeting, the City Manager said that there have been no complaints regarding BPL. That was our reason for sending an official letter. Bill / N4WJN noted that there is much information on the Webpage. There was an excellent conversation among all of the OVH members present regarding the subject of BPL.

John / WA1STU gave a presentation on the BPL hunting that was done by John / WA1STU, Butch / W4HJL, George / KE2AM and Phil / AC4PL on Sunday, March 14. John showed us the outputs of the spectrum analyzer. The signals are spread spectrum and difficult to analyze. They hit the exact same frequency each time. John is going to study more on spread spectrum signals, and John asks for help for anyone who is a spread spectrum expert. Bill / N4WJN noted that we need to read the NPRM to understand this. FCC is asking for comments on how to measure BPL signals. That is why we need to read the NPRM.

SUNSHINE – Steve / N4OGR: Steve noted that Ken Mohn / KM4UH is in Fairfax hospital for a heart catheterization. Ken’s procedure has occurred and Ken is now recovering and we all wish Ken best wishes in his recovery.

OVH LOGO – George / KE2AM designed a logo for official dealings and correspondence between the OVH and outside contacts, including government and public safety officials. George is looking for comments and suggestions on the design.

FIELD DAY – Brian / N8FK: Brian asked for suggestions regarding Field Day. Brian wants to make Field Day fun this year and get people involved, not necessarily as a competitive event, but more as a family and OVH event. Brian wants to come up with a set of rules regarding safety and children.

50/50 DRAWING: Brian / N8FK donated three Yaesu caps (courtesy of HRO and Yausu), and Al / KB4BHB donated one of his beautiful hand-crafted wood-works for the drawing. Thank you Brian and Al for your contributions to the drawing. $20 was collected from the 50/50 drawing, and Phil / AC4PL won the 50/50 drawing. Phil collected $10 and the OVH collected $10.

The meeting adjourned at 2120 Eastern time.