Minutes of the OVH Meeting

March 21, 2005

Ruth/KU4WH called meeting to order at 2000 Eastern Time.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs. There were 22 OVH members and two guests present.


MINUTES – The minutes of the February 2005 OVH meeting were approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT - Bill / N3OH – Bill presented the Treasurer’s report.



HAMFEST – KEITH/KM4AA – Keith handed the Hamfest reins over to Butch/W4HJL who gave a briefing on the recent Hamfest Committee meeting. We still need more volunteers for the gates. The Winchester ARC will again help with the parking crew. We’re working on getting a PA system up and running. We have the new tickets that we needed and they’re ready for pickup. The VE session will be conducted by the Mt. Vernon ARC. We’re working on getting the police lined up. We’re checking on different rental places to try to get a good price on tables and chairs. All of the prizes have been purchased.

FIELD DAY – Brian/WC4J - Everything is going well in planning the field day and Brian is hoping to get a good turnout. Brian will bring the new bus.

EDUCATION – John/WA1STU - We have nine students signed up. We have a room at the Manassas campus of Strayer University. We have instructors lined up and we’re on track. April 2 is the first class.

ARES / CLUB EMERGENCY COORDINATOR – Brian/WC4J – The Manassas MS Walk is on April 9. The next NCAC Institute is on April 23. The Community Emergency Response Team classes begin on Tuesday, April 12 and occur every Tuesday and Thursday until May 7. Steve/N4OGR noted that the MS Bike Ride is on May 21.

MEMBERSHIP – John/WA1STUBob Gustavus/KI4IST and Joy Lee/KI4GZZ were voted into the OVH membership via a unanimous vote. Welcome to the Ole’ Virginia Hams Bob and Joy.

REPEATERS – Butch/W4HJL – Butch/W4HJL and Blaine/KB4RKL took pictures of the repeater antennas and provided printouts of close-up pictures of the antennas at the meeting. We need to replace some of the antennas. We’re going to try to get our work done from a company in conjunction with other work that will be done in the Manassas area in order to save money, and we are getting a quotes from various companies that can replace the antennas. We’re also looking at sources for antennas. We have a cabinet for the 440 rig. We also need to do some work on the controller.

SUNSHINE – Jan/KE4TMWJohn/WA1STU recently upgraded to Extra. Congratulations John. David/KI4AZX recently upgraded to General. Congratulations David. Everything is coming along with Harry’s (W4PVA’s) photo book and it should be ready by this weekend.

PACKET AND HOMEPAGE – Bill/N3OH – Bill is working on getting the server upgraded. Nothing new on the packet front, but Bill will look for the weather to get warmer for working on the antennas, perhaps in the April or May timeframe. We had a brief discussion about other possibilities for digital communications.

HARRY D. VORHAUER SCHOLARSHIP – Ruth/KU4WH – The Finance Committee has approved one scholarship for 2005.


Steve/N4OGR – Steve noted that we have been given permission by Vi Vorhauer to use Harry’s (W4PVA’s) callsign as an "in memorium" callsign. All is coming along with that effort. Thank you Vi.


Following the break, all present helped stuff envelopes for the OVH Hamfest mailing. Thanks go to all present for your help.

BUDGET – Bill/N3OH – Bill presented a detailed budget for 2005. Bill noted that the upcoming projects on the repeaters and repeater antennas will result in us drawing down some of our reserve funds.

BPL - George/K4TVM – George provided an update on the BPL situation.

50/50 – $28 was collected, and Craig/WA3UFY won and donated his winnings back to the Club. Thank you Craig.

The meeting adjourned at 2135 Eastern time.