Minutes of the OVH Club Meeting

March 20, 2006


John / KG4NXT called meeting to order at 2000 Eastern Time.


Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.  There were 27 OVH members and two guests present.





Phil Wherry / AI4JF, of the Vienna Wireless Society, gave a fascinating presentation on recent amateur radio experiments involving weather balloons done by members of the Vienna Wireless Society.  Vienna Wireless has now launched three balloons.  Typical payloads included an HT, a GPS, one or two cameras, and marshmallow “Peep,” known as the “Peeponauts.”  Complete information regarding these weather balloon / amateur radio experiments and dozens of excellent photos can be found at www.viennawireless.org.  Thank you Phil for your excellent presentation.




Bill / N3OH read the Treasurer’s report.


The minutes of the February 2006 OVH meeting were approved.


REPEATERS – Art / W1CRO – Art is working on a receiver and a tone module.


HAMFEST – Art / W1CRO – So far everything is either on or ahead of schedule.  We need volunteers to staff the gates and for security.  We would like for three teams to mark tailgate spaces.  We will contact the Winchester Amateur Radio Society regarding help for parking.  George / K4GVT noted that the Red Cross will bring their communications van.  In return, Art noted that we will provide the Red Cross with a table.  George listed some of the vendors that will be present.


MEMBERSHIP – John / WA1STUJoseph Dobes, who is one of the students in the class, was read in for membership.


EDUCATION – John / WA1STU – The class is going well.  We expect for students to take the exam on April 22.  John Thanked Al / KB4BHB and John / KG4NXT and everyone else who has helped for their help with the class.


FIELD DAY – John / WA1STU – John asked us for our ideas for field day.  Otherwise, we’ll do it all John’s way!  There was a general consensus that we should use fewer stations this year, though the details have not yet been finalized.  We’ll have Field Day at Nokesville Park.


HARRY D. VORHAUER SCHOLARSHIP – Jim / W4JTP – We are looking for candidates.  The deadline for application is the end of April.  John / KG4NXT read a thank you card from Alexa Jones, who won the Harry D. Vorhauer Scholarship last year and is now a student at Virginia Tech.


ARES – David / KG4GIY – David thanked everyone who participated in the Patriot Challenge in January.  Steve / N4OGR is working with Manassas Park officials, and we will have a slot at their new facility.  We will also have two slots with PW County.  ARES has become much more visible in PW County.  Upcoming events include a national marathon on March 25, the NCAC Institute on April 22, ARES training on May 20, a triathlon on June 25, a mini triathlon on June 4, and an MS walk on the Battlefield on April 1.  The PW County ARES website has more details on these and other events.





Bill / N3OH – We will have a special event on August 26.  This will be near the Groveton section of the Battlefield.  More details will be forthcoming.


Bill / N3OH will try to put up a winlink station with the help of the “Davids” - KG4GIY and KI4AZX.


50/50 RAFFLE – $31 was collected, and Phil / AC4PL won.  Phil Donated his winning share back to the Club.


The meeting adjourned at 2135 Eastern time.