OHV Meeting Minutes

15 April 2002

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Hinely / K9ZD at 2001

Twenty two members and three guests were present

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.

There were two programs tonight:

First Program:

Officer Leak of the Prince William Police Department spoke about Fleetwatch. Officer Leak works out of the crime prevention at the HQ in Woodbridge. The idea behind Fleetwatch is that if we observe criminal and/or suspicious activities, we can call the police. If we report activities, the police have a better chance of solving crime. It's the little things that will help. Officer Leak invited us to visit the communications unit. The non-emergency number for Prince William County Police is 792-6500, and Officer Leak suggested that we memorize this number. We are not allowed to intervene physically in a situation. We can call back the non-emergency number to get a disposition. Now with homeland security, our input will be more important. In emergencies, cell phones go down, perhaps just because of too much traffic if not for technical reasons. Officer Leak Noted that a church is like a base. We might think of working with churches. Other bullet points of note are:

* If a child approaches a Fleetwatch person, don't allow him/her in your car. But stay with the child.

* Highest priority - murder, rape, robbery

* Next priority- missing child

* Offers of merchandise at low prices - indicates stolen merchandise

* Watch for door-to-door salesmen.

* Women under attack should shout "fire."

* Motor vehicle accidents - if it's just a fender bender, get cars out of the way.

* Acknowledge yourself as a Fleetwatch participant with OVH

* In describing people, go from top down.

* To get a tour of the communications facility, call non-emergency number (792-6500) and ask to speak to a dispatching supervisors. Captain Miller is in charge of communications. We should be participants with the Northern Virginia Dispatchers Association.

Second Program:

Tom and Marylin Fibbs put together custom shirts. They made a presentation on different types of shirts and patches. We need to decide where the patches will go (for uniformity). They brought 3 kinds of polo shirts and 1 type of denim shirt. There are different fonts for names and call signs. There is no bulk cost advantage unless we get more than 144. We can purchase the shirts individually. .


Ruth / KU4WH - had a brief discussion on colors and logo design. We decided on a common logo, and also on two colors. Phil / AC4PL, being the OVH oddball, insisted on an all-white all-cotton polo shirt, and got his wish. We chose the traditional logo - vote was 3 to 8, but we used the new color scheme for the logo -

Hunter green and tan were chosen as the shirt colors. Logo colors were red for the state, blue for outline, and yellow for the Manassas location indicator (star)

Business Meeting

The treasurer's report and meeting minutes were approved with one small change to the previous minutes.


Jack McDermott / N4YIC - everything is on time with the Hamfest. Mailings have been sent out, police are set up, medics arranged, signs in production, and the letter for the Park West Lions club for cooking sent. Letter to Shennandoah Ham Radio Club for parking has been sent. We have volunteers, but need a few more. We are where we should be with regards to the Hamfest.

Repeaters - Art / KW4AW - repeaters are all working.

ARES - David / KG4GIY

* For the MS walk we need to be at the site by 7:00a.m. on Saturday morning. Watch for an E-mail.

* We had success with Bull-Run run and horse event. - Fairfax ARES appreciate our help.

* Dogwood 500 - ERV / KT4DS will tell us what we need to know.

* Dave suggested that we get an "ARRL.net" e-mail address. That will make it easier for him to send us e-mails for ARES-related information

* Dave has been re-appointed for two more years as PW ARES county coordinator.

Membership - Charlotte - KG4QXO

New member Dwight Agnew (no call sign - just passed tech exam) read in.

FAR - Ruth KU4WH - Far Fest November 8 at Howard County Fairgrounds

Education - Bill K9ZD - Read-in member just passed (Dwight Agnew). There are now six students in the class.

Scholarship - Jack McDermott / N4YIC - Jack received the first submission. He needs them by May 1. Decision will be made by the May meeting. Jack suggests that we present the award at the start of the May meeting.

Field day - ART / KW4AW - would like to have a meeting in early May before the next club meeting. We have volunteers. We have a possibility for amateur tv. We need operators. Equipment is o.k.