Minutes of the OVH Meeting

21 April 2003


The meeting was called to order at 8:00 PM by Ruth Frock/KU4WH, President.


Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.


Attendance: 23 Members and 2 guests


The program was presented by George Corron/AF4JH on station electrical grounding.  In brief, there are rules that have to be followed to successfully ground your station.  Follow those rules.  The rules come from the Uniform State Building code.  Improper grounding resulting in problems are your responsibility.

There are three types of grounds, Solid (called effective by the ARRL) which contains no intentional impedance; Effective which contains up to 20% arrester impedance placed on the line; and Impedant which has some form of impedance placed in line.  Article 810 of the National Electric Code contains the rules.  Grounds MUST be number #6 wire (copper if going to earth).  Grounds from your rig to the grounding bus must be at least #10.  Braid is better than solid for RF to the bus.  You MUST have lightning arrestors on your antennas.  Thanks for the great presentation George.

The past month's minutes, with a correction to Tom/WA2QAC's call, and current financial status were approved by the membership.


Committee Reports:


Repeater: Art/KW4AW - Problem with the repeater was a failure of the band pass filter.  It has been removed for repair.  The job of Chair of the Technical Committee and Repeater Trustee is available.  Please contact Ruth if you are interested in either position.


Education: Bill/K9ZD - This week is class 5 of 10.  The last class will be about a week and a half before the Hamfest test session.  Still 8 students.  Enrollment is 12.


Hamfest: Jack/N4YIC - Jack needs someone to take up the task of arranging for rear gate staffing.  Front Gate and Tailgate have coordinators.  We are on course and table prices were lowered to $20 a table.


Membership: Charlotte/KG4QXO Dennis Wilson/KD4WGN was read in to be voted at the May meeting.


Field Day: Bill/K9ZD - Bill is looking for operators to work the overnight hours.  If you are interested, please contact him so he can block out the schedule (k9zd@arrl.net).  Bill South/N4WJN will provide a turnkey 802.11b networked logging system this year.  Brian/N8FK will head up and be the call on the GOTA station.


ARES: David/KG4GIY - Thanks to Ruth/KU4WH, Mark/KG4JAM, Brian/N8FK, Phil/AC4PL, Art Pond/KD4FBT and Marc Spaziano/KG4UHO for helping with the MS Walk.


Upcoming events are posted on the PWC ARES Web site (www.qsl.net/pwcares).  Of note is the NCAC institute, May 24th.  The morning will consist of panel discussions on ARES/RACES, lessons learned in the LaPlata, MD tornado, and how to attract young people to amateur radio.  The afternoon will have two tracks, one on handling NTS traffic, the other on directed net procedures.  There will also be a "Science Fair" of neat stuff and a discussion on incident command.  You can sign up at http://www.ncacdc.com, and click on the Institute link.  Pre registration is encouraged.  Cost is $10, which includes lunch.  MMT 100 is the weekend of the 10th of May.  MS 150 Bike Ride is the 17th. 


New Business


Jack/N4YIC requested $700 for two new batteries for the repeater.  The motion was passed.


Brian/N8FK motioned to send the repeater(s) back to GE for testing (in rotation).  He was requested to get more information, including costs.


Steve/N4OGR requested $25 for a mast support for our mobile mast.  This allows us to use it as a tripod as well as a monopole.  Motion passed.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:50.


Submitted for the Secretary by David/KG4GIY.




Congratulations to Elizabeth/KG4NXV, whose freshman crew team from Thomas Jefferson High School is the state champion!  Her boat placed first in its class, and was over 10 seconds ahead of the next boat at the State Regatta.  Elizabeth's crew team now moves on to national competition.  Good luck and great job, Elizabeth!


Happy Birthday to our friends and fellow Hams:  Blaine/KB4RKL, Mark/KG4JAM, Bill/WA4FIC, Craig/N4WUV, Nick/N3WG, John/KG4NXT, Bill/K9ZD, Bill/WB4KFU, David/KG4GIY, Bob/N4RL, Jack/N4YIC, James/W4JTP, Susan/K3SSP, Wesley/N5RTY, and Craig/WA3UFY.  Hope you each have a great day!


Congratulations to John/KG4NXT, who upgraded to Extra when I wasn't looking.  Good going!


Get planning for Hamfest -- what to sell at the OVH Table, what to donate to the Bake Sale, who to contact to volunteer where you can help the most -- looking forward to seeing you there!


73 de Jan/KE4TMW