Minutes of the OVH Meeting

April 19, 2004


Ruth / KU4WH called meeting to order at 2000 Eastern time.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs. There were 23 OVH members present.

MINUTES: The minutes from the March 2004 OVH meeting were approved with no corrections.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s report was presented by Bill / N4WJN. The report was approved.


REPEATERS: Butch / W4HJL stated that all three repeaters are up and running very well.

HAMFEST - David / KG4GIY: Things are moving along very well. Things are where they should be at this time. Of course, we will need plenty of volunteers for the Saturday before Hamfest and the day of the Hamfest.

MEMBERSHIP – John / WA1STU: There were no prospective members read in or new members voted in.

WEEEKLY NET – Ruth / KU4WH: The weekly nets are going very well.

ARES – David / KG4GIY: Thanks to everyone who helped with the MS Walk. A drill at Dulles Airport will occur on May 8. Many types of communications will be used at this event. On May 20, the NCAC Institute will take place, which is official ARES training.

BPL – Ruth / KU4WH: BPL continues to be an issue and we need OVH members to write their elected officials.

FIELD DAY – Brian / N8FK: All is looking well for Field Day. It was recommended that Butch / W4HJL and Phil / AC4PL apply their gourmet skills in food preparation again this year.

50/50 DRAWING: Al / KB4BHB won the 50/50 drawing. Al collected $ 8 the Club collected $8.

The meeting adjourned at 2130 Eastern time.


73s     Phil/AC4PL