Minutes of the OVH Meeting

April 18, 2005

Ruth/KU4WH called meeting to order at 2000 Eastern Time.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs. There were 29 OVH members present.



Tonight’s program was on the Commuter Lot Watch Program and was presented by Rich Buckholtz with PW County Crime Prevention. Rich handed out the new fleet watch brochure and commuter lot watch information. He asked for members to just drive through the commuter lot if in the area, and not to go out of your way to get to the lot. If you see a problem, call 703-792-6500 and identify yourself as a Fleet Watch participant. Several members at the meeting mentioned that this number is programmed in on auto patch.




MINUTES – The minutes of the March 2005 OVH meeting were approved with one minor correction.

TREASURER’S REPORTRuth/KU4WH – Ruth presented the Treasurer’s report.



REPEATERS – ART/W1CRO – Art has picked up the replacement antennas for the repeaters and has requested quotes on the cost to have the antennas installed. Art also has back-up plans and possible alternatives while we wait on the quotes. Art noted that noise on the 220 repeaters that many have noticed, and hopes that the filter that Brian / NC4J has donated will help take care of the problem.

HAMFEST – KEITH/KM4AA – Keith reported that last week’s Hamfest meeting was productive. One vendor has requested 40 tables. Keith asks that everyone who can to please volunteer to help with the setup on Saturday and for the Hamfest on Sunday.

FIELD DAY – Brian/WC4J – Brian would like all who can attend to be at a Field Day planning meeting tomorrow (April 19) to discuss the location of antennas and the radios and other equipment that will be used. He would like to have three HF stations including PSK and CW, plus a GOTA station and satellite communications.

CLUB EMERGENCY COORDINATOR – Brian/WC4J – Brian has generously volunteered his time and efforts as the Club EC for several years, but will be stepping down for personal and work-related reasons. Brian recommended that David/KI4AZX, who has shown interest in the position, be his replacement.

The mini-triathlon will take place on May 15. Ruth/KU4WH has been in contact with the event chairperson.

EDUCATION – John/WA1STU – John is very happy with the class, and all eight of the original students are still attending. Several OHV members have shown up to introduce themselves and give presentations. John thanked Bob/KI4IST for his tremendous help in arranging for an excellent classroom.

MEMBERSHIP – John/WA1STUAlman Reamus/KI4BXS was read in and will be voted on for Club membership at the May 2005 OVH meeting.

SUNSHINE – Steve/N4OGR – Steve brought in the memory book of Harry/W4PVA for all present to observe. John/KG4NXT and Theresa/KG4TVM will scan in each page to create a permanent electronic copy. After the scanning is done, the memory book will be presented to Harry’s family.

SCHOLARSHIP – Jim/W4JTP – So far there has just been one application for the Harry D. Vorhauer Scholarship, but there are two weeks to go and it’s common for applications to arrive during the last week. Therefore, Jim feels confident that we will be able to present a scholarship at the May 2005 OVH meeting.

Jim also noted that the 2005 Vienna Winterfest was more successful than anticipated.

BPL – George/K4GVT – George contacted the Manassas BPL provider, who indicated that the Ham frequencies have been notched and that the power level has been reduced. Ken/WB4ZOH noted that he applied for BPL service in September, but for some reason was taken off of the list for BPL service installation. Ken is now back on the list to have BPL service installed, but the BPL provider did not provide any firm date on when his neighborhood would be hooked up for BPL service. George noted that there are upcoming BPL conferences in Arlington and Reston.

WEEKLY NETS – Ruth/KU4WH – Ruth is putting together the next schedule for the Weekly Nets and asked all net operators to let her know as soon as possible if there are any conflicts.



Tom/WA2QAL – Tom noted that there will be a meeting regarding BPL this Thursday, April 21. Many Club members indicated that they would attend.

Jim/W4JTP – Jim noted that the 2006 Vienna Winterfest has been scheduled for the last weekend in February 2006 at the same location.

50/50 RAFFLEAl/KB4BHB was the proud winner of the 50/50 Raffle. A total of $30 was collected, and Al collected $15 and the Club collected $15. Congratulations Al.

Dwight/AI4II – Dwight asked all to bring in their QSL cards in order to create a book of QSL cards.

Thanks go to George’s/K4GVT’s wife for baking cookies for tonight’s meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 2058 Eastern time.