Minutes of the OVH Club Meeting

April 17, 2006


John / KG4NXT called meeting to order at 2000 Eastern Time.


Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.  There were 19 OVH members and one guest present.





Henry Weidman / K2BFY, of the Loudon County Amateur Radio Society, brought in and showed several of the electronic kits that he has constructed.  Henry was first licensed as a ham in 1956 and spoke about the electronic projects that he constructed in the 1950s and 1960s that utilized vacuum tubes.  Henry’s more recent projects use more modern and compact technology, and many are constructed in Altoids tins.  Thank you Henry for sharing your projects and experience with the Ole’ Virginia Hams.




MEMBERSHIP – John / KG4NXTJoseph (Joe) Dobes, who is one of the students in the OVH-sponsored Technician class and was read in at the March 2006 OVH meeting, was voted in for membership by a unanimous vote.  Welcome to the Ole’ Virginia Ham, Joe.


Bill / N3OH read the Treasurer’s report.


ARES – David / KI4AZX – David noted the upcoming ARES events, including the NCAC Institute, which takes place next Saturday, April 22.  There is a complete listing of upcoming ARES events on the Prince William County ARES website.


SUNSHINE – Art / W1CROPaul Kline, the father of Wayne Kline / AG4ZZ, passed away on April 13.  Paul was the proprietor of Kline’s Drive In and Kline’s Freeze, which are popular eating establishments in Manassas.  Al / KB4BHB told a story about Paul allowing Al’s wife to take clippings of flowers which were planted on the grounds of the Dairy Freeze.  The OVH sends condolences to Wayne and his family.


REPEATERS – Art / W1CRO – The previous problems with the repeaters have been repaired and the repeaters are working well.  All OVH members should have new ID cards, which have the new repeater codes which will be updated by the end of April.  Art wants to get tone codes for all of the repeaters to help avoid interference from other repeaters.  Art asked that all of us report any and all interference, including the date, time and nature of that interference, so that Art can document and keep track of the interference.




The minutes of the March 2006 OVH meeting were approved.


HAMFEST – Art / W1CRO – Everything is on track and ahead of schedule at this point.  Art will have an envelope-stuffing party at his house this week, and asked any who can to show up.  George / K4GVT read a list of the vendors that will be attending.  The vendors include Austin Amateur Radio Supply.


HARRY D. VORHAUER SCHOLARSHIP – Jim / W4JTP – We have not yet received any applications, but expect to receive applications soon.


BPL – George / K4GVT – George and Butch / W4HJL will meet with U.S. Representatives Davis and Wolfe to discuss the BPL issue.





Bill / N3OH noted that the OVH will host a special event on August 26, 2006 to commemorate the 2nd Battle of Manassas / Bull Run.  This special event will take place on the Manassas National Battlefield.


Brian / WC4J asked that we participate in the upcoming VHF / UHF contest which takes place beginning on June 10, 2006.


50/50 – We collected $37, and Steve / N4OGR won.  Steve collected $19 and the Club collected $18.


The meeting adjourned at 2114 Eastern Time.