Minutes of OVH Meeting

April 19, 1999

The meeting opened at 8:02 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance, oral roll call and signing the attendance sheet. There were 20 members and 4 guest present.


Jack O'Mara / W4AD spoke on Moon Bounce (EME - Earth Moon Earth) communications. He showed slides of various EME antenna arrays. Apparently, one needs to be a pretty good mechanical / structural engineer in order to be successful in EME. He talked about the schedules are set up, and the operating procedures followed. In order to get started, listen on 144.01 MHz and 144.03 MHz during an EME contest. The HF frequency used to coordinate schedules for EME is 14.345 MHz. Some web sites to look at for more information are: http://web.wt.net/~w5un/primer.htm, http://maser.org/links/weak.htm and http://www.webcom.com/af9y/radio. This program was very informative and enjoyed by the members present. Thank you Jack!

Details of the latest OVH activities, technical information, and membership information may be found on the Internet at: http://www.qsl.net/olevahams .


The previous months minutes and the treasurers report were approved without questions.


Field Day will be co-chaired by Bill/N4WJN and Wes/N5RTY

OVH Home Page webmasters will be Blaine/KB4RKL and Bill/N4WJN

Larry/KA4CTX has asked to be replaced as the club Emergency Coordinator.


Jack / N4YIC

Scholarship Only about 4 applications have been received at this point. The deadline is the end of April. They will be presented at next months meeting.

Hamfest - Fairgrounds have been contracted for to cover the Hamfest of the next three years.

Liability insurance is in place. The rental of the tables and chairs have been arranged, along with a truck

to haul them. Tickets have been printed and are in hand. Prizes have been arranged for. The selection is similar to last year's prizes (HF transceiver, 2m transceiver, computer, magazine subscriptions and etc.). Advertising - 275 envelopes have been stuffed with fliers to send out to ham clubs within the nearby areas. They will be sent out within the week. Information about the Hamfest has been placed on packet BBS throughout the local areas. Also have notified all the ham radio magazines. The local radio stations will be notified in May. Members are encouraged to take fliers and place them throughout their local areas. There are a couple competing Hamfests on the same day. The Winchester Ham Club will handle the parking for us again this year. Police coverage has been arranged. City officials have been contacted to obtain permission for signs to be posted. All 3 repeaters will be up and set for open access on the day. The Westend Lions will be providing the food concession. A bakesale will be held in the showbarn. Coffee will also be served there. All club members need to bring items for the bake sale on the day.

Important - Saturday June 5th - OVH club member's help is needed to get everything setup. Also, on Sunday at the Hamfest, help is needed for many different areas in order for things to run smoothly.


The ARRL Representatives will be here. The ARRL books have been ordered. Cathy and Erv will take care of the book sales for us again this year. The F.A.R. and the Autocall people will be coming. A courtesy table is being provided for them. The QSL bureau and DXCC personnel will also be here. A table will be setup for the Virginia QSL Party awards ceremony in the showbarn. Some help is still needed to set up the PA system for the Hamfest. At this point it appears that most everything is proceeding, as it should.

It was suggested that OVH should buy a few traffic cones for activities such as the Hamfest. Concern was expressed about where they would be stored. It is believed that the current storage shed being used for other OVH material would have enough room. The cost of purchase would be covered in 2 years, when compared to the current rental fees for traffic cones for the Hamfest. This action was proposed, seconded and approved by vote of the members present.


Erv / KT4DS - Discussed the various license plates available to hams. These include ARES, RACES, AMATEUR, and ARRL (with ARRL logo). For those who apply for and meet the requirements for the ARES ID card, if a license plate is desired, a selection must be made of the logos available.

Erv further discussed a proposed list of materials for the Red Cross Chapter house. This included power supply, antenna, cabling, and other misc. supplies (connectors, and etc). It is planned to refurbish all the current antennas. It was proposed that the club provide funds not to exceed a fixed amount, for this work to be done over the next several months. This material would be donated to the Red Cross. This motion was seconded, and approved by vote of the OVH members present.

Emergency generators for use at the Red Cross were discussed. Erv indicated that he was going to suggest to the Red Cross that they should raise funds for purchase of a 1 kW generator for emergency operations. Until the Red Cross is able to provide the backup generator, the OVH club and various members have generators available, which could be used.


The new controllers are working well. The new access code for the autopatch is in place. If you haven't received the new code, please pay your membership dues. Contact Mary Lu / KB4EFP if you have paid and not received the new code. All the repeaters can be linked together if needed. For normal operations they will not be linked. It was suggested that the repeater tones should be changed a day or so before the next OVH meeting as a reminder to attend the next meeting. Some new instructions will be sent out to the members, as some of the repeater function codes have changed.

New Membership Applications:

Roy / AC6JM - available for emergency ops, active on many modes and bands.

Lenny / KG4CKI - available for emergency ops, works with computers

Chris Dickinson / KG4CKK. who was read in last month, was proposed, seconded and approved by the members present for OVH club membership.

Welcome Roy, Lenny, and Chris!

New Business:

Jeff/KF4JSV has obtained a VHS tape of a show on PBS called Rescue at Sea. Jeff will keep track of the tape for OVH. New members or others who are interested should contact Jeff.

The 50/50 raffle was won by Lloyd / N4OOM.


73 Lloyd / N4OOM