Minutes of the OVH Meeting

15 May 2000

The meeting was called to order at 8:01 PM by John Fritsch (N4YOB) acting as Chair.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.

Attendance: 17 Members, and 8 Guests

Awarding of Scholarships: Jack McDermott (N4YIC)

The Ole Virginia Hams take pleasure in awarding a $1000 scholarships to:

Andrea L. Hallman from Woodbridge High School, who graduates 5th in her class of 699 with a GPA of 4.3. Andrea is planning to study Computer Science at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Virginia.

Benjamin W. Kidd (KG4EIF) of Hylton High School. Ben graduates 26th in his class of 583 with a GPA of 4.045 Ben is planning to study Electrical Engineering at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Virginia.

It should be noted that the scholarship fund was augmented this year by generous contributions from the estates of two former local amateur radio operators, George Rowand (K4KX) and Tim Wayne (KB4NR).

The past month's minutes and current financial status were approved by the membership.

Committee Reports:

Repeater: Butch Blasdell (W4HJL)

Art and Steve have cleaned up the repeater site, but it needs more work but everything is functional. There is a "do list" posted. The software for the controller is here and will be installed shortly. The parts for the 440 are in transit and will be installed when they arrive and should be fixed by December (or the B team will take over). The temperature monitor on the 440 had been pulled pending the arrival of a new part. We are waiting for a preamp for the 440 as well.

License Classes: Bill Hinely (K4WRG)

Three classes to go before the Hamfest. Spring Break put the kybosh on a week that will have to be made up. Seven students are attending, although not all at the same time.

Packet: Bill South (N4WJN)

The NIHRAC node on 03 has been down for a week. They lost a computer and it will be down at least a week until they get a new computer. It is one of the major link nodes in the area. Bill has been doing some reconfiguring to increase connectivity, but it is not fully reliable yet. When the node is back, you will know it before Bill tells you. Our email link is down with the loss of the link as well.

Need some help to replace an antenna on the node site. There is only a 2m, and a 2m/220 - the plan is to replace the 2m with a tri-band to improve connectivity. Bill would like to establish a 9600 baud link between W4OVH and his site to be able to convert W4OVH to an IP system and have it Internet accessible.

Membership: Jeff Poulin (KV4AP)

Garrison "Gary" Cavell (K4MRL) was unanimously voted in. Welcome Gary!

Thursday Night Net: Jeff Poulin (KV4AP)

ARNewsline is begging funds. The decision to contribute any funds has been tabled pending the final tally from Hamfest.

Hamfest: Jack McDermott (N4YIC)

Jack is off to Dayton to drum up vendors for our Hamfest. He would like some member to get to the local computer show and collect business cards. Half of the allocated tables have been sold to date. Fairground insurance is secured. Charlie (WA4YGI) has secured the prizes, including an HT for 3rd, a computer for 2nd and a Yaesu FT840 for first place. Also there is a TNS for the Tailgate prize. Winchester ARC is set to do parking, and we will have two PWC police officers. Lake Jackson will staff the first aid center. The repeater will have the PL turned off and the repeaters will be linked for the talk-in. Food is confirmed and ready to go. All hands to help out!

ARES: Erv Whalen (KT4DS)

Events upcoming:

June 18: 100 mile horse race

Contact Erv for details and contact information.

Butch Blasdell (W4HJL) will chair the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:24 PM