Minutes of the OVH Meeting

21 May 2001

The meeting was called to order at 2001 by President Jeff Poulin (KV4AP).

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.

Attendance: 22 Members and 9 Guests

In keeping with tradition, the May meeting started with the awarding of the OVH Scholarships. Art Whittum (KW4AW), acting for the OVH presented the scholarships to:

Joshua Plitt (KD4TQX), of Stonewall Jackson High School. He has a 4.1 GPA and is graduating 18 of 435. Josh excels in mathematics and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. Josh is the recipient of numerous achievement and civic awards and has volunteered countless hours of his time and talents to the community. Josh has been accepted into the honors program at Virginia Tech and will begin General Engineering studies at Virginia Tech's College of Engineering. He is also contemplating a Computer Science minor.

Larissa Marple (no call), of Osbourn Park High School. She has a 3.723 GPA and is graduating 38 of 425. Larissa has earned acceptance into several scholastic honor societies, including the National Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society, and the National Youth Leadership Conference. Larissa is an accomplished musician and includes computer programming among her hobbies. She has donated many hours to the Girl Scouts and various other community organizations. Larissa has earned acceptance to the Virginia Tech College of Engineering and hopes to work for NASA after graduation.

Congratulations to our scholarship winners and we wish you the best of luck for the future.

The Treasurer's report and the past month's minutes were passed.

Committee Reports

Repeaters: Art Whittum (KW4AW)

Butch (W4HJL) and Art visited the repeater site lately. The coaxial connections between the 146.970 repeater and its duplexer were changed for new cables and connectors. Transmitter power output and SWR is good.

The defective Integrated Circuit Oscillator Module (ICOM) was replace in the 440 repeater repeater. The receiver now sounds like it is now on frequency. Unfortunately the 440 repeater is operating at reduced power. We measured 36 watts output and that was "max". Power output measured at the output of the duplexer was 36 watts with reflected power measuring 5 watts. That works out to an SWR of 2.188. Not good.

What this means, is:

1) The 440 repeater PA has a problem

2) The antenna or coax has a problem

We'll have to investigate both and possibly require contracted assistance for the tower work for item 2 and the fix for item 1 is in progress.

Membership: Susan Poulin (KG4JBD)

The following were voted in: Charlotte Coghill (no call), and Phil Colling (KG4MJR). Welcome! Ken Coghill (WB4ZOH), as a past member had his membership reactivated. Nicholas Garner (KG4KFY) was read in. His application will be voted on at the next meeting.

Section News: Jeff Poulin (KV4AP)

The Virginia Section Manager's office was voided by the ARRL Executive. This means that Lynn Gahagan (AF4CD) has been replaced as Section Manager by Carl Clements (W4CAC), the Section Traffic Manager. More details will follow.

ARES: David Lane (KG4GIY)

Training is still scheduled for June 9th. David then went through a brief outline of what ARES is, what RACES is and what the difference between the two is. What follows is a brief synopsis.

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is a group of amateurs who have voluntarily registered their skills and equipment for duty in the public interest. Every licensed amateur is eligible for membership in ARES, regardless of affiliation.

The Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) is administered by the local, county and state emergency management agencies and provides radio communications for civil-preparedness only. RACES operations are regulated by the FCC and the emergency management agencies.

In Virginia, the ARES and RACES organizations have traditionally been melded, with members of the local ARES teams being certified for RACES operation by the local Emergency Coordinator.

For information on volunteering for ARES activities and qualifying for RACES, please contact David Lane, KG4GIY, EC, Prince William County at kg4giy@arrl.net or http://www.qsl.net/pwcares/

Presidential Initiatives: Jeff Poulin (KV4AP)

The display is ready for Railroad days on the 2nd of June in Manassas. We will be offering to pass message for people through the NTS at the presentation and we will be using HTs to demonstrate connectivity. The display will be up from 10am to 4pm.

The First Battle of Manassas special event station is still on track for July.

We received a thank you from the Hospice of Northern Virginia for the donation in the name of Dick Miller (WD4AZG/SK).

Thank you: Bob McCann (N4RL)

Bob just wanted to extend his thanks to the club for their support during his wife's illness.

American Red Cross: Keith Bennington (KM4AA)

Keith briefly covered what Disaster Services does for the county and how the OVH can help the ARC meet its needs for communications during a disaster.

Hamfest: Jeff Poulin (KV4AP) for Jack McDermott (N4YIC)

Rent has been paid and the insurance is in place.

There will not be any A/C.

Tables, chairs and the truck have been rented.

Our friends from the Winchester club are ready to do parking.

We will have two police officers - one all day, the other starting at noon.

Lake Jackson will staff the medical facility again.

We have permission to post signs in the City of Manassas.

West Park Lions will do food.

There will be a FAR Rep, Virginia QSO party, QSL bureau, DXCC checking and an ARRL table.

The meeting was adjourned at 2130. The next meeting is 18 June 2001 at 2000 EDT.