OVH Meeting Minutes

May 20, 2002

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Hinely / K9ZD at 2002

Twenty six members and seven guests were present.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all members and guests stated their names and call signs.

Jack McDermott / N4YIC introduced the 2002 OVH Scholarship winners to club members and club President Bill Hinely, K9ZD presented them with $1,000 checks. The winners were Brian D. Myhre of Thomas Jefferson High School and Miguel L.D. Guerra Potomac Senior High School.

Following the presentation of the scholarship checks, a break was taken for members to purchase their OVH shirts from Tom / KA4CSG and Marilyn / KA4JKW Phipps.

Committee reports:

Weekly Nets - Ken / WB4ZOH - All is o.k.

Hamfest - Jack / N4YIC - Everything that is supposed to be done is done. Bring a baked item (a walk-around item). We need a few more volunteers. Buildings will be air conditioned this year. We amended our contracts so our liability does not extend to the parked RVs and other places around the fairgrounds. More volunteers are needed.

Field Day - Art / KW4AW - Field Day will be at the Nokesville Park this year. Directions and a map are on the website. We will have a pavilion with about 12 tables. We are cleared to stay overnight. We need to have a meeting just for field day before the next field day.

Education - Bill Hinely / K9ZD - The current class just finished, and several students will take their exams. A new class will probably started in the Fall. Friday before Hamfest there will be a session going for the Extra and General

FAR - Ruth / KU4WH - FAR is undergoing changes. Their financial situation is bad. Autocall magazine will cost more (to $18 per year). It will have more content. It will still be issued every month still. Ruth asks that we submit articles if we have them.

Emergency Coordinator - Brian / KE4NFK - Nothing new at this point. August 10 is the date for the Skywarn picnic

ARES Emergency Coordinator - David / KG4GIY - David is still signing up people. RACES is having a statewide drill on June 1. Dave again asked that we get an e-mail address. Field Day is an ARES event. Dave thanked those who helped with the MS bike rides and walk.

Treasury report - Bill / N4WJN- the Treasurerís report passed.

Membership - Charlotte / KG4QXO- We voted on Dwight Agnew (KG4SUL) - and a reinstatement of Al / KB4BHB. Dwight Agnew / KG4SUL was voted in. Welcome to OVH, Dwight.

Repeaters - Art / KW4AW - Art explained some of the details of our repeaters to our guests.

Packet - Bill / N4WJN - Bill explained our packet operations to our guests. Bill encouraged us to use packet more. David / KG4GIY noted that packet is almost dead in California according to section manager there. Instant messaging and e-mail have caused its demise. We need to use it, or we might lose it.

The minutes of the April 2002 meeting were approved.

National Historical Railway Society - Baltimore - website - - Tom Podlesak / WA2QAL updated us on this event - This will occur in July 2003. The Society will love to have us. This is a six day event, so many hams will be needed. It became apparent that there will be many details to be worked out, and that with the event over a year away, there was time to work out those details.

The meeting adjourned at 2150.