Minutes of the OVH Meeting

May 19, 2003


President Ruth Frock /KU4WH called the meeting to order at 2005 Eastern daylight time.


Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs. There were 30 OVH members and five guests present. Thanks to all who attended for an excellent turnout at the May 2003 OVH meeting.


SCHOLARSHIPS: Jack / N4YIC - The annual scholarship of $1,500 was awarded to Jason P. Burroughs of Osbourn High School. Congratulations Jason; we all wish you well on your upcoming college education.


FLEETWATCH: Steve / N4OGR – Steve introduced Prince William County master police officer Steve Varvaro. Officer Varvaro is the Fleetwatch Coordinator. Fleetwatch is important to us as Hams because we are mobile. Officer Varvaro encouraged us to call if we suspect something, and not to worry about being wrong or bothering the police. Thank you officer Varvaro for your presentation to the Ole Virginia Hams.




The minutes of the April 2003 OVH meeting passed with no corrections.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Bill / N4WJN - The Treasurer’s Report passed.


REPEATERS: Art / KW4AW - The noise that we hear on the 2M repeater frequency is not caused by the repeater. We have trouble at this time of the year because of "tropospheric ducting." This happens because of the change in weather patterns that happen during the spring and fall seasons.


EDUCATION: Bill / K9ZD - The class is going well. There are two classes to go, and those attending should be ready to take the exam at the Hamfest. There have been six students that have attended every session, and a few others who have attended most of the sessions.


FIELD DAY: Bill / K9ZD – All looks good for Field Day, but we need operators for the stations. Phil / AC4PL volunteered to bring the food and drinks.


MEMBERSHIP: Charlotte / KG4QXO – There was one member to vote in - Dennis Wilson / KD4WGN. Dennis was voted in unanimously. Welcome to the Ole’ Virginia Hams, Dennis.


ARES: David / KG4GIY – This is hurricane season, so be sure that your gear is ready. The Institute will occur on May 24.


Skywarn training for Basic 1 and Hurricane is Saturday, June 21.


In late September or early October, there will be a regional emergency test. This will cover Washington DC and the surround VA and MD Counties. More information will be forthcoming.


Bob Tyson will be a third AEC for Prince William County. Bob is with the Woodbridge Wireless club.


FAR: Tom / WA2QAL - Instead of individual volunteers for the FallFest, FAR is going to ask clubs to provide volunteers.


Weekly Nets: Ken / WB4ZOH - Ken introduced Dave Boyd / N3ICN who checked into the net last week. Dave is bicycling across America and has a rather unique bike that is complete with an amateur radio station. Good luck in your adventure, Dave.


Hamfest: Jack / N4YIC - We are where we should be in the planning process. We need some help both Saturday and Sunday.


Old Business


Bill / K9ZD / Field Day - Bill can handle the purchase of pins and t-shirts if we would like. Bill will send an email to all club members asking if we want to order something.


Tom / WA2QAL - National Railway Historical Society is coming up the first week in July. Tom could use some more volunteers. There will be a train leaving from Union Station in DC.


Bill / N4WJN – Bill showed some sample club logos and asked for input.


Steve / N4OGR - We took inventory of who had keys to the storage shed.


Mark Bronstein / WA4KFZ – Mark is looking for volunteers for the DARE program on June 14. It would be nice to show some of the new amateur radio technology that young people might interest young people.


The meeting adjourned at 2140 Eastern Daylight time.