Minutes of the OVH Meeting

May 16, 2005

Ruth/KU4WH called meeting to order at 2000 Eastern Time.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs. There were 27 OVH members and 4 guests present.



Jim/W4JPH, the Harry D. Vorhauer Scholarship Chairman, and Ruth/KU4WH, presented the Harry D. Vorhauer Scholarship of $1,000 to Alexa Jones, who will graduate from Osborn High School. Jim listed just a few of Alexa’s many accomplishments in her young life. In addition, Jim is very happy that Alexa will attend Virginia Tech University, which Jim described as THE University of Virginia, and major in Electrical Engineering. Congratulations Alexa and best wishes in your education, life and career.

SUNSHINE UPDATE – Steve/N4OGR – Steve relayed a thank-you note from Art/W1CRO, who is recovering from surgery for the installation of a pacemaker. We all wish you a speedy recovery, Art.




REPEATERS – Butch/W4JHL – Art/W1CRO has worked to get quotes for the cost to do the work at the repeater site. The cost will probably be around $2,000. The repeaters are working well. The new backup batteries are working very well, and Butch acknowledged the work of Karl/W4KRL and others in getting the new backup batteries installed.

CLUB EMERGENCY COORDINATOR – Brian/WC4J - Brian thanked all who came out to help with the "Tri-It Now Triathlon." More Club members actually showed up than had originally signed up. Regarding Field Day, Brian asked that all who will be there to let him know, so that we know what to do for planning purposes. Brian wants to have many forms of communication. Ruth/KU4WH noted that David Meola/KI4AZX will be the new Club Emergency Coordinator. Thank you Brian for your work as the Club EC for the last several years, and thank you David for volunteering to be the new Club EC.

EDUCATION – John/WA1STU – The Technician Course has been completed and was a tremendous success. Thanks go to John and all other OVH members who participated. At least one student has already taken the Technician exam. John thanked Bob/KI4IST for his tremendous help in arranging for an excellent classroom.

MEMBERSHIP – John/WA1STU – Alman Reamus/KI4BXS was voted into membership to the Club by a unanimous vote. Welcome to the Ole. Virginia Hams, Alman

TREASURER’S REPORT - Bill/N3OH – Bill read the Treasurer’s Report.

MINUTES – Ruth/KU4WH – The minutes of the April 2005 were approved with no corrections.

WEEKLY NETS – Ruth/KU4WH – The weekly nets are going very well and a new schedule for net operators has been distributed.

WEBSITE/PACKET – Bill/N3OH – The website is running on an old operating system, but is running very well. Packet is still working and Bill hopes to upgrade some of the systems this summer.

HAMFEST – Keith/KM4AA – There was a meeting of the Hamfest Committee last Thursday that went very well. All is on track for the Hamfest. As always, we will need volunteers. Some minor details were worked out during the business meeting.

ARES – David/KG4GIY – ARES training will take place this weekend. David thanked everyone who helped at the MS Walk. NEMS training will take place on July 16. This training will be necessary in order to take part in certain emergency communications. The course is IS700. More information is available at the PW County ARES website.



Steve/N4OGR - We will have W4PVA as a club callsign at any time, possibly for Field Day or Hamfest. Steve asked that we let Jan know about things of interest to Club members.

David/KG4GIY – David asked that we send in articles for Autocall.



Butch/W4HJL – Butch reminded us that we need more volunteers for the Hamfest.

Dwight/AI4II – Dwight asked us to bring in our QSL cards for the OVH QSL card book.

Tom/WA2QAL – Tom attended a recent BPL meeting and gave us a briefing on that meeting.

Butch/W4HJL – Butch noted that we are still testing and will continue to test for BPL interference.


Steve/N4OGR – Steve reminded us to take part in Fleetwatch. Steve also asked us to monitor the VRE parking lots in Manassas Park and Downtown Manassas when we have a chance. There has been an increase in crimes in the parking lots recently.

50/50 Raffle – We collected a very generous $44. The newest member of the OVH, Alman Reamus/KI4BXS, won the 50/50 raffle and collected $22. Congratulations again, Alman. The Club also collected $22.

The meeting adjourned at 2100 Eastern time.