Minutes of OVH Meeting

May 17, 1999

The meeting opened at 8:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call and signing the attendance sheet. There were 23 members and 3 guests present.


The previous month's minutes and the treasurer's report were approved without questions.


Jack / N4YIC

Scholarship Awards 1999

Jennifer S. LEMKUL - Osbourn Park HS

Described as a gifted, motivated, straight-A student while also being very generous with her time and efforts at helping others in the community. She now plans to graduate from Virginia Tech and State University with a Masters in computer science. She intends to establish a career of making computers more efficient and useful for us all. She has been accepted at Virginia Tech as a computer science major, and has qualified for the University Honors Program at Virginia Tech.

Michael H. KING - KF4YYG - Osbourn HS

This young Amateur Radio enthusiast earned a wonderful academic record in Math and the Sciences throughout his High School years. He was a member of the Technology Student Association Computer Construction Team which ranked 7th in the State in 1998. His hobbies include Amateur Radio and Computer Science. He was a catalyst in creating an Internet Web Site for Osbourn High School's Latin Club. He plans to pursue a degree in engineering and the applied sciences. He has been accepted into the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Virginia.


Hamfest - All aspects of the Hamfest were discussed at length. This discussion covered the majority the remaining time. Some aspects of these discussions are covered in the following:

Fairgrounds have been contracted for to cover the Hamfest of the next three years. Liability insurance is in place. The rental of the tables and chairs has been arranged, along with a truck to haul them. Tickets have been printed and are in hand. Prizes have been arranged for. The selection is similar to last year's prizes (HF transceiver, 2m transceiver, computer, magazine subscriptions and etc.). Advertising - 275 envelopes have been stuffed with fliers and send out to ham clubs within the nearby areas. Information about the Hamfest has been placed on packet BBS throughout the local areas. Also have notified all the ham radio magazines. The local radio stations are notified.. Members are encouraged to take fliers and place them throughout their local areas. There are a couple competing Hamfests on the same day. The Winchester Ham Club will handle the parking for us again this year. Police coverage has been arranged. City officials have been contacted to obtain permission for signs to be posted. All 3 repeaters will be up and set for open access on the day. The Westend Lions will be providing the food concession. A bakesale will be held in the showbarn. Coffee will also be served there. All club members need to bring items for the bake sale on the day. .

The ARRL Representatives will be here. The ARRL books have been ordered. Cathy and Erv will take care of the book sales for us again this year. The F.A.R. and the Autocall people will be coming. A courtesy table is being provided for them. The QSL bureau and DXCC personnel will also be here. A table will be setup for the Virginia QSL Party awards ceremony in the showbarn. Some help is still needed to set up the PA system for the Hamfest. At this point it appears that most everything is proceeding, as it should.

Field Day - 26 - 27 June 1999 co-chaired by Bill/N4WJN and Wes/N5RTY. Please contact Bill and Wes for information and to coordinate activities for field day. Please come out and have a lot of fun the other members of OVH. Bring your families for other activies at the park.

New Membership Applications:

Roy Latham/ AC6JM, and Lenny DeCamp/ KG4CKI who were read in last month, were proposed, seconded and approved by the members present for OVH club membership.

Welcome Roy, and Lenny!

New Business:

Brian Cochran KE4NFR won the 50/50 raffle.