Minutes of the OVH Meeting

June 16, 2003


President Ruth Frock /KU4WH called the meeting to order at 2004 Eastern daylight time.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs. There was an ovation when Butch / W4HJL said his name and call sign. You’re looking great and healthy Butch, and we all hope that you make a full recovery from your recent bypass surgery. There were 24 OVH members and two guests present.

MINUTES: The minutes of the May 2003 OVH meeting were approved without corrections.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Bill / N4WJN - The Treasurer’s Report passed.

Committee Reports:

REPEATERS: Art / KW4AW - All machines have battery backup now. All should be up and running shortly. Thanks go to all OVH members who have helped with the repeaters.

HAMFEST: Ruth / KU4WH - Jack / N4YIC has been the OVH Hamfest Chairman for several years now and has done an excellent job. However, Jack will no longer be the Chairman. Ruth asked that we use the September OVH meeting to plan for the next Hamfest. Thank you Jack for all of your help with the OVH Hamfest over the years and for making that event very successful year after year. A motion was passed for OVH to send Jack and his wife for a dinner at Panino's.

MEMBERSHIP: Charlotte / KG4QXO - Three new members were read in and will be voted on at the July OVH meeting: Keith Pageau / N8PDH, Wallace Johnson / KF4QQP and Richard Bartell / KN3FMZ.

WEEKLY NETS: Ken / WB4ZOH - all is going well with the nets.

ARES: David / KG4GIY - A new AEC has been appointed, and David is looking for one other AEC. David proposed that we consider having a method to link for the Woodbridge and OVH repeaters to be linked during emergencies. This would allow for complete coverage throughout Prince William County. There was some discussion on the feasibility and desirability of this procedure. There will be a region-wide emergency test in the near future. This test will cover the District and all nearby counties in Virginia and Maryland.

D.A.R.E.: Mark / WA4KFZ - The event was successful. We would like to get a better turnout of children at future event. Thank you Mark and everyone else who participated in this important event for young people.

PACKET: Bill / N4WJN - We need to change out an antenna, so Bill will be recruiting people for an antenna party some time this summer. A new antenna will get us onto the emergency packet operations. This would also get us further south into Virginia and even into North Carolina.

EDUCATION: Bill / K9ZD - The class is over, and the class was very successful. The VE session was successful, and several new licenses were earned. Thank you to all who particpated in the VE session.

BAKE SALE: Ruth / KU4WH - $134 was collected from the bake sale at the Hamfest. It has been a tradition that OVH matches the amount collected for a donation to a worthy charity. A motion passed to donate $250, at the Wikfor’s suggestion, to the American Heart Association.


New Business:

Ken / WB4ZOH - OVH is participating in the "deep impact discovery mission to comet Tempel 1." Ken has arranged to have OVH’s name represented on a CD aboard the spacecraft. The spacecraft will impact on that comet. One part of its mission is to relay information about the makeup of the comet after the spacecraft impacts on the comet. Ken has also arranged to have the OVH represented on a CD that is aboard the recently-launched mission to Mars. Thank you Ken for arranging for this very unique method of bringing publicity to the Ole’ Virginia Hams.

David / KG4GIY – David proposed that for Field Day 2004, we have the Field Day at the Harris Pavilion in downtown Manassas. That would help generate more publicity for the OVH and for amateur radio in general by having field day in a more public and visited place. After some discussion, it was agreed that we will consider this idea for a future field day event or for other special events. General consensus from those present was that we, as amateur radio operators, do need to try to bring more young people into our hobby.

FIELD DAY: Bill / K9ZD - We need trucks to transport our equipment to the Nokesville Field Day sight, and it appears that we are covered. Bill and George / KE2AM will offer their ICOM HF radios for use at field day. Phil / AC4PL will take care of the purchasing the food and drinks for Field Day. We would like to have good coverage for our 3A event, but we will not assign time slots.

Brian / N8FK – Brian introduced a motion to spend up to $250 for door prizes for Field Day. The motion passed. The idea is to provide more incentive for OVH members to operate stations at Field Day.

50/50 DRAWINGPhil / AC4PL won the 50/50 drawing. A total of $28 was collected. Butch / W4HJL left the meeting at the break and before the drawing, and requested that the money be donated back to the Club should he win. Phil donated his winning share back to the Ole’ Virginia Hams in honor of Butch’s requested donation.

The meeting adjourned at 2153 Eastern daylight time.