Minutes of the OVH Club Meeting

June 21, 2004

Ruth/KU4WH called meeting to order at 2002 Eastern time.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs. There were 16 OVH members and one guest present.


MINUTES - The minutes of the May 2004 OVH meeting were approved with minor corrections.

TREASURER’S REPORT - The Treasurer’s report was presented by Bill/N4WJN. The report was approved.


REPEATERS – Butch/W4HJL: The repeaters are all working very well and the usual summer maintenance will take place shortly.

HAMFEST - David/KG4GIY: Attendance was down a bit from 2003, but overall the event was successful. Thank you David for coordinating the 2004 OVH Hamfest.

ARES - David/KG4GIY: Thanks to all who helped with the Dulles drill. We had participation from throughout northern Virginia. The drill was a success, and we learned about things that need to be fixed. We have a new quick reference card on the PWC ARES website that can be downloaded. NCAC Institute is this Saturday at 8:30 in PG County. Several topics will be covered including Skywarn Basic.

MEMBERSHIP - John/WA1STU: Charles (Chuck) R. Watts/W4XP and Benjamin (Ben) Gelb/KF4KJQ, who were read in at the May 2004 OVH meeting, were voted into the Club unanimously. Welcome to the OVH Chuck and Ben. Diane Lane/KI4FVV was read in for membership into the Club and will be voted on at the July 2004 OVH meeting.

FAR – Ruth/KU4WH: The FARFEST: The FARFEST will be on September 11 and 12 at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

WEEKLY OVH NETS – Ruth/KU4WH: The weekly nets are going well, but we could use some more volunteers as net controllers.

ARES – David/KG4GIY: The Marine Corps Marathon will take place on October 31 and amateur radio volunteers are needed. Currently there are plans to have an ARES Institute on October 23 in Alexandria. The focus of this even is on digital communications. More information will be forthcoming.

FIELD DAY – Brian/WC4J: Set up will begin at 10:00 a.m. Members present had a good discussion about Field Day and everything was in place.


Ruth/KU4WH noted that the OVH has been approached to help with communications for a mini triathlon to take place in the Manassas area on August 22. The event is being coordinated by www.triitnow.com and will originate from the Freedom Center. More information is forthcoming.

Ruth/KU4WH noted that in previous years that the OVH has paid for a classified ad in the World Radio magazine. A general discussion took place regarding budget priorities, and a motion was made that the OVH pass on its classified ad in World Radio during the current budget cycle. The motion passed unanimously.

During the OVH Hamfest bake sale (what has been known as the Wikfors bake sale), we (the Club) collected $141 (net). After some discussion it was decided, and a motion was made, that the OVH donate an additional $59 to bring the total to $200. This money will be donated to charity.

Twenty three dollars was collected for the 50/50 drawing. Phil/AC4PL won the drawing, and Phil took $12 and the Club took $11.

The meeting adjourned at 2116 Eastern time.

73s     Phil/AC4PL