Minutes of OVH Meeting

June 21, 1999

The meeting opened at 8:04 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call and signing the attendance sheet. There were 19 members and 2 guests present.


John Kanode/ N4MM, The ARRL Roanoke division director spoke. He first talked about the proposed FCC restructuring of the amateur licenses. He estimates that the proposed rules will be out in Sept. or Oct. His opinion is that there will be 3 or 4 classes of license. There will also be the CEPT license. This license will be good in other countries such as Western Europe. With it you will only need a copy of your ham license, a passport or birth certificate, and a copy of the FCC notice. More information can be obtained on this subject by contacting "Bart Yonkey"(sp) at ARRL HQ.

John also spoke about the Shelby Hamfest on Labor Day weekend. It is apparently one of the largest on the East Coast.

He also spoke about FCC band enforcement. Apparently the FCC is getting much tougher on enforcement than they have been in the past.

He also spoke of how at least 320 hams need to sign up for the ARRL license plates or they will not be able to become available.

With the FCC restructuring of the amateur radio licensing, when it is completed, the licensing exams will also be reworked to match the restructuring.

Bakesale report:

Proceeds of $113 and a matching amount from OVH will be donated to "Serve".


The previous month’s minutes and the treasurer’s report were approved without questions.


Jack / N4YIC


Jack was presented an award certificate for the fantastic efforts he provided in organizing and managing the OVH Hamfest.

A discussion was held about the Hamfest. It was noted that attendance was down from the previous years. Apparently Newsline had report that a general trend at Hamfest was a reduced attendance so far this year.

It was suggested that for next year that several golfcarts be obtained for the Hamfest to assist those who had purchased "boat anchors" in the tailgate section to get there goods to the car park.

A discussion was held on the sale of ARRL books. The method of obtaining and selling the books, which was used in the past, will no longer be available. OVH may have to purchase the books and re-sell them for next year, or arrange for one or more the vendors to have them available. This is an item for further discussion for the next year.

Jack volunteered to again organize and manage the Hamfest for next year. The members of OVH surely appreciate your efforts Jack!


At the current time the 220 repeater is down due to a radio hang. This problem is being worked.

Several issues were discussed. The battery backup for emergency power. Controller linking and whether the linking functions would be available to the general users. The controller utility codes and user access codes were discussed. It was suggested that an information sheet be available to members describing to current functions and general user utility codes.


There is now an ability to send email through packet to/from the Internet. The frequency to use is 145.03 MHz. Users must insure that messages they send and those would send them mail through this gateway comply with the FCC part 97 – 3rd party rules. Emails to / from the Internet must be text only. Keep the length short. Remember many of the links are still only 1200 baud. Internet users would address email as username@n4wjn.ampr.org where username is your callsign. Please contact Bill / N4WJN for further information.

Field Day

26 – 27 June 1999 co-chaired by Bill/N4WJN and Wes/N5RTY. All members were encouraged to come out and participate.


A discussion of the recent NVFMA meeting was held. Also a discussion of the emergency access autopatch numbers through the NVFMA repeaters.

New Membership Applications:

No new membership applications were received this month.

New Business:

Several members won the 50/50 raffle. Hourly Prizes that were not claimed at the Hamfest were used as additional prizes for this event.


Details of the latest OVH activities, technical information, and membership information may be found on the Internet at: http://www.qsl.net/olevahams .