Minutes of the OVH Meeting

16 July 2001

The meeting was called to order at 2003h by President Jeff Poulin (KV4AP).

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.

Attendance: 20 Members and 3 Guests

The Treasurer's report and the past month's minutes were passed.

Committee Reports

Education: Bill Hinely (K4WRG)

The next round of classes are scheduled to start in late September/October. Depends on the date we want to hold the VE session.

Packet: Bill South (N4WJN)

Nothing new, everything seems to be working. Packet class down in Stafford. Details coming soon.

Membership: Susan Poulin (KG4JBD)

Read in: Ralph Brooks, Sr. W4OZO, Thomas Podesak WA2QAL

Voted in: John Leonard KG4LAA, Robert (Robbie)Kelley No Call, Michael (Mikey) Willis KG4NXR, James (Doug) Stork KG4NCH. Welcome to the OVH!

ARES: David Lane (KG4GIY)

Check out the PWC ARES web site at http://www.qsl.net/pwcares/ and the state ARES web site at http:/www.aresva.org/

Upcoming events include 29th September Nokesville Bike Tour and Marine Corp. Marathon (October).

Member News: Susan Poulin (KG4JBD)

Jeff Poulin (KV4AP) is now head of VA Section Traffic Net. Harry Vorhauser (W4PVA) is now a great grandfather (again).

Field Day: Jeff Poulin (KV4AP)

Thanks all. About 1/3rd of the membership participated. Points: 595 x2 1190 CW:148 - 296, Digital: 4 - 8, Phone: 291, Qualified for almost all the bonus points. See the web site for all the breakdowns. Did a little better in points than last year - and Bill Hinely (K4WRG) got his picture in the Journal. Jeff is looking for next year's field day chair, along with assigning tasks earlier than the week before. Bill Hinely (K4WRG) has stepped up to the plate to chair next year's field day. ARRL offers T-shirts and pins - $5 a piece for the pins. Collect monies if you are interested.

Announcement: Jeff Poulin (KV4AP)

Draft Statement of Understanding between OVH and the Red Cross. Will be submitted to ARC as is for their review.

Sample of the Certificate for the Special Event Station....program is the SES.


Special Event Station: July 21st 2001 - John N1EOD - ARC Emergency Communications Vehicle at the Henry Hill Parking lot for those as well. Those who want to operate, please contact Jeff KV4AP. Battlefield, Jeff's House, Jack's House. NPS Requested a list of the license plates, no costs except for the parking fee. 40, 20, 10, 2m. Log - you can keep a log in any format you want. Civil War Times Illustrated - has stuff on 1st/2nd Manassas.

For Next month: Feed into Jeff: Ham Shack basics? 5 must have features for an HT, 5 nice to have. These and other good things to Jeff for next month.

Meeting adjourned: 2130