Minutes of the OVH Meeting

July 15, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 2001 by President Bill Hinely / K9ZD

The Pledge of Allegience was recited with enthusiasm by all present, and "under God" was included, which was an intentional, proud, and deliberate slap in the face on the part of OVH members to the recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ridiculous ruling that the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America is unconstitutional.

All present stated their names and call signs. There were 21 OVH members and one guest present.

The minutes of the June 2002 meeting were approved.

Treasurer's report - Bill / N4WJN - The report was approved.

Repeaters - Art / KW4AW - There has been some interference. There is a 440 repeater at Canova Ranch that is not coordinated which runs low power. When we get interference, a question to be asked is: is it really coming through the repeater? It may not be. Things are running pretty well otherwise.

Education - Bill / K9ZD - next tech class will start late September or early October. There was some discussion on how to better advertise the class, including the Prince William County Fair.

Hamfest - Jack McDermott - N4YIC - Jack noted that he has enjoyed running the OVH Hamfest the last few years, but he also mentioned that he is a firm believer in term limits.

Field Day - ART / KW4AW - Art told us about field day points and other information. Bill / K9ZD showed us some newspaper articles. Art noted that we have already reserved the Nokesville park for next year.

Membership - Charlotte KG4QXO - Two new applicants for OVH membership were voted on. These were Robert "Bob" Johnson / W4YQ and Theresa Grogg / KG4TVM. Both were approved unanimously. Welcome Bob and Theresa.

FAR - Tom Podlesak / WA2QAL - FAR is in the process of acquiring their own call sign. They gave out 57 scholarships.

Weekly Net - Ken / KB4ZOH - Nets are going well.

ARES - Brian / N8FK - PW County ARES has applied for a call sign. There's a bike ride that originates in Nokesville. This will be in mid-September. Brian noted that David / KG4GIY who was not present did not have anything to add. RACES is having some upcoming emergency drills.

Other - Mary Lu / KB4EFP suggested that the $200 from the OVH Hamfest bake sale be donated to Special Olympics. Mary Lu made a motion and the motion passed.

Tom / WA2QAL - FAR wants to help out with the railroad historical society event in Baltimore next year. It was brought up that the local club in Baltimore needs to be asked as well. It was agreed that a Baltimore club should be asked to participate as well. The dates are July 1 - 6, 2003.

New Business / Bill / N4WJN - Needs help with an antenna replacement party for the packet node antenna. We need a 24 foot extension ladder. the sight is the PW water district take by the bull run regional library. The gas lines go by the side of the tank. Noon on Saturday, July 20. We are replacing a 2M antenna wth a tri-band.


No program

The meeting adjourned at 2105