Minutes of the OVH Meeting

July 21, 2003


Vice President John Heartney / KG4NXT called the meeting to order at 2001 Eastern daylight time.

Following the Pledge of Allegience, all present stated their names and callsigns. There were 21 OVH members and two guests present.

MINUTES: The minutes of the June 2003 OVH meeting were approved without corrections.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Bill / N4WJN - The Treasurer’s Report passed.

REPEATERS: There was no significant news regarding the OVH repeaters.

HAMFEST: Jack / N4YIC - Jack prepared some notes regarding hamfest, and gave a brief discussion about his notes. The possibility of changing the date, having another amateur radio club participate in the OVH Hamfest, or perhaps having a two-day Hamfest were discussed briefly. No decisions were made, and it was agreed that the September 2003 OVH meeting would be devoted primarily to discussing future OVH Hamfests. Jack, once again, thank you for your very generous help in making the OVH Hamfest a success the last several years.

MEMBERSHIP: Charlotte / KG4QXO – Two new potential members were read in and will be voted on at the August 2003 OVH meeting: Larry Snead / KI4AFQ, Gerald Robinson / WW5W and David Miola / KI4AZX. Wallace Johnson / KF4QQP and Keith Pageau N8PDH were voted into the OVH unanimously. Welcome to the Ole’ Virginia Hams Wallace and Keith.

WEEKLY NETS: Ken / WB4ZOH – Ken has served the Ole’ Virginia Hams exceptionally well, acting as the OVH Thursday-night Net controller continuously since late 2001, hosting 82 consecutive weekly Nets. Ken brought a great radio voice plus a unique combination of good humor and serious discussion to the weekly OVH Net. Ken also innovated the weekly OVH Net by playing recorded and edited (within copyright laws) versions of the Amateur Radio NewsLine during the Net. Ken has also been very active in the Ole’ Virginia Hams in many other ways, having attended nearly all OVH monthly meetings in recent years, and participating in the OVH Hamfest and the OVH Field Day event. Ken announced that he needs to step down as the weekly OVH Net controller. He suggested, and those present agreed, that several members should be the weekly net controllers on a rotating basis. Ken has also been very kind in helping the OVH make the transition to a new set of net controllers. Ken will be missed, and also fondly remembered, as the regular OVH Thursday-night net controller. Thank you Ken for your generous support of the Ole’ Virginia Hams.


PACKET: Bill / N4WJN - Nothing new to report. Bill is working on changing the OVH webpage to a new server. Bill might want to get a small antenna party together for the packet antenna.

Old Business:

Brian / N8FK - There is a 3-day MS walk coming up. It will be posted on the ARES website.

Tom / WA2QAL - The National Railway Historical society event was very successful. Though not able to operate DX, the amateurs involved were able to make several local contacts from the train. During one of the train excursions, there was a real medical emergency in which cell phones were not successful in contacting emergency personnel. However, amateur radio operators were able to communicate and bring the needed medical attention to the passenger. This is a real example where radio amateurs were able to help with an emergency where commercial forms of communication failed.

Bill / N4WJN - The field day totals are on the website, and Bill read the totals.

New Business

Bill / N4WJN - We can get access to the logging software that was used at the Field Day. This is a great program for logging contest contacts. If we get 10 people to sign up, we can get a discount on the software. N3FJP writes the software.

Steve / N4OGR - The club storage shed is filled with paper boxes used to store things, and these boxes are falling apart. Steve requested that the club spend up to $60 for plastic storage boxes to replace the cardboard boxes. The motion passed.


ARES: David / KG4GIY - The Marine Corps marathon is coming up, and we need amateurs to volunteer for that event. More information will be forthcoming. The recent emergency drill was successful.

David gave a talk on ARES and its importance for amateur radio and the public. There are two services: ARES and RACES. RACES is of importance for the federal government.

David stressed the value of ARES to the community. David also pointed out that the primary reason that radio amateurs do not pay for their licenses and radio spectrum is that the United States government values our service in the event of emergencies. It is important that we continue to offer our services in the event of emergencies, and David asked that all of us that are able participate in ARES.

One way that we can sell ourselves to the community is through training.

Thank you David for your presentation, and for your generous support of ARES.

Bill / N4WJN won the 50/50 drawing. The total amount collected was $25, and $12.50 went to Bill and $12.50 went to the club.

The meeting adjourned at 2125