Minutes of the OVH Club Meeting

July 19, 2004


Ruth / KU4WH called meeting to order at 2000 Eastern time.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all presented stated their names and call signs. There were 22 OVH members and four guests present.


MINUTES - The minutes of the June 2004 OVH meeting were approved with no corrections.

TREASUERER’S REPORT - The Treasurer’s report was presented by Bill / N4WJN. The report was approved.


REPEATERS – Butch / W4HJL: The repeaters are working very well. There is a minor problem regarding PL tone, but that will be fixed shortly.

EDUCATION – Ruth / KU4WH: Bill / K9ZD, who has generously given his time and efforts for amateur radio courses for the Ole’ Virginia Hams for the past several years, will not be able to teach these courses in the future. Thank you Bill for your help with and dedication to the OVH and the amateur radio community. We are looking for volunteers to teach amateur radio courses for the Club, beginning with a course for potential Technicians this Fall.

HAMFEST – Ruth / KU4WH: We received a thank you letter from SERVE for our donation to $200.

FIELD DAY – Brian / WC4J: We had a great Field Day. Thanks to all, and especially the CW operators who did very well. We had contacts on the 80, 40, 20 and 15 meter bands. Butch / W4HJL noted that Phil / AC4PL did an excellent job as the Field Day Chef. John / WA1STU is missing a drill and some drill bits from Field Day, and asks that we all look for it. The drill and drill bits are in a Home Depot orange bucket.


Ina Nenninger of Tri it Now spoke about an upcoming "mini triathlon." The purpose of this organization is to get people interested in triathlons and physical fitness in general. This mini triathlon consists of a short swim, a 1.6-mile run, and a 7-mile bike ride. This event takes place on Sunday August 22 at the Freedom Center and begins at 7:30 a.m. Ina expects that the total time for the event will be about two hours. Brian / WC4J is looking for about 12 OVH members to provide communications support. The website for this organization is www. Triitnow.com.


MEMBERSHIP – John / WA1STU: Diane Lane / KI4FVV was voted into the OVH unanimously by the OVH members present. Welcome to the Ole’ Virginia Hams, Diane. Enrique Paz / KG6FHG and Eugene Reznick / K3PXR were read into the minutes for membership and will be voted on at the August 2004 OVH meeting.

FAR – Ruth / KU4WH: FARFEST will be on September 11 and 12 this year. Autocall is looking for information for the October newsletter by September 15.

WEEKLY NETS – Ruth / KU4WH: As always, we are looking for volunteers to serve as OVH weekly net controllers. If you have time to be a Net Controller, please do so.

ARES – Steve / N4OGR: Steve gave us a brief presentation on Fleetwatch. Associated with that, there is an upcoming training seminar called "READI" which is an acronym for Response to Emergencies And Disasters Institute. The purpose is to teach about responses about terrorist bombing. One takes place on July 22 and others will be forthcoming. We as amateur radio operators have been invited to attend. More information is available on the PW County ARES website.

David / KG4GIY noted that the Marine Corps Marathon takes place on Sunday, October 31. You can get more information at www.k3xo.net/mcm_form.2004.html or at the PW County ARES website. The Marine Corps needs our help with communications with this event as there are spotters at every mile of the 26-mile course, plus monitors at all of the aid stations. Packet operators are especially needed for medical communications. Most people will be done by noon, and everyone will be done by 5:00 p.m.

The Red Cross is getting ready to do their DAT Institute (Disaster Action Team). Some of the courses are useful for amateur radio operators. Information will be posted on the PW County ARES website.

We (amateur radio operators) have become very important in the PW County’s disaster plan. There will be a presentation on what we can do for PW County emergency officials.

David noted that not all ARES members have "go kits" and suggests that we be prepared with go kits. Information on go kits will be made available on the PW County ARES websites.

PACKET / HOMEPAGE – Bill / N4WJN: Bill may be doing a survey of OVH members to see what kind of computer equipment we have to try to optimize the OVH homepage. Bill encourages us to do more packet activity.

HISTORIAN – Theresa / KG4TVM: Theresa asks that if any of us have some old (really old – 1960s and 1970s) OVH newsletters, please give Theresa the newsletter or a copy so she make a compilation of the OVH newsletters.

JOTA – Ruth / KU4WH: Paul / N2PJ will try to coordinate this event. This event takes place in October and is an excellent opportunity to get Boy Scouts interested in Amateur Radio.

SUNSHINE COMMITTEE – Steve – N4OGR: Steve asks that we forward all information regarding OVH members and their families that would interest OVH members to Jan / KE4TMW or Steve / N4OGR. This information includes positive and happy things such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, new ham licenses and upgrades, special accomplishments, or whatever. Other not-so-wonderful information includes hospital stays, illnesses, deaths in the family, or whatever that would deserve a card and/or flowers, or a phone call, visit, or anything else from OVH members that would help cheer up those who need our support. Thank you Jan and Steve for help with the Sunshine Committee.


AL / KB4BHB donated another one of his beautiful wood vases, and BRIAN / WC4J donated four electronic sparkling and patriotic American flag pins as door prizes. Thank you Al and Brian for your contributions to the OVH. Tom / WA2QAL won the 50/50 drawing. Total entries totaled $33. Tom collected $17 and the Club collected $16.

The meeting adjourned at 2122 Eastern time.