Minutes of the OVH Meeting

July 18, 2005

John/KG4NXT called meeting to order at 2000 Eastern Time.

There were 18 OVH members present. All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance and introduced themselves afterwards.

Karl/W4KRL volunteered to take the minutes in Phil’s / AC4PL’s absence.


MINUTES – The minutes of the June 2005 OVH meeting were approved with three minor corrections.

TREASURER’S REPORTBill/N3OH – Bill presented the Treasurer’s report. He noted that our bank recently raised the minimum required checking balance. Bill will need to move some funds between accounts to avoid a penalty.


HAMFEST – KEITH/KM4AAButch/W4HJL and Mary Lu/KB4EFP handed out income and expense comparisons for recent OVH hamfests. We are still making a profit and the trend is upward. Keith/KM4AA will schedule a final meeting to discuss lessons learned. Dwight/AI4II suggested having more people involved with overnight security. Bill/N3OH presented the profit/loss statement for the hamfest.

Mary Lu/KB4EFP reported that $159 was raised by the bake sale. John/WA1STU moved that the Club donate $200 to the Project Mend-A-House charity of Prince William County. The motion was carried.

FIELD DAY – Brian/WC4J – There was no field day report. A motion was approved to reserve the Nokesville pavilion for next year’s Field Day. There was lively discussion about finding a site that would provide more public exposure. If another site is found only the $10 Nokesville Park reservation fee would be lost.

REPEATERS – BUTCH/W4HJL – The repeaters are running well. The antenna work will probably take place in August. Some volunteers will be needed for the ground crew.

HARRY D. VORHAUER SCHOLARSHIPJim/W4JTP – There was no scholarship report. John/WA1STU read the thank you card sent by the most recent Vorhauer Scholarship winner Alexa Jones. Alexa is attending Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

WEBSITE – Bill/N3OH – The web server failed temporarily but is now back on line.

SUNSHINE – Jan/KE4TMW – Jan asked for news. Art/W1CRO is due for surgery July 19.

BPL – George/K4GVTButch/W4HJL asked for all members with mobile HF rigs to take note of BPL interference when traveling through Manassas. One of the "hot spots" is on Dumfries Road near the Giant at Hastings Road. All interference should be reported to the FCC. You can do this with an on-line form. Butch will post the link on the OVH reflector.


There was no formal program. However, Dwight/AI4AA did a "show-and-tell" of CDs he recently purchased containing the complete compilation of all QRP Quarterly magazines for the last 25 years. Dwight also recommended a QSL card printer in the Ukraine. He will post their link on the OVH reflector.


50/50 RAFFLE - $37 was collected. Charlie/WA4YGI was the winner. Charlie donated his portion of the prize back to the Club. Thank You Charlie!


Steve/N4OGR – Steve says that the police asked us to participate again in the National Night Out at Potomac Mills Mall on August 2. This is an outdoor event to raise public awareness of public safety organizations like police, fire, Neighborhood Watch, etc. Last year the OVH had a tent at Manassas Mall with a VHF transceiver and the Walter Cronkite video about Amateur Radio. David/KI4AZX will coordinate.

Bill/N3OH – Bill will follow up on some ideas for a special event station related to Manassas and the Civil War.

The meeting adjourned at 2056 Eastern Time.