Minutes of the OVH Meeting.

19 August 2002

Meeting called to order at 2000 by Bill / K9ZD

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their call signs. The Treasurer's report and minutes of the July 2002 meeting were approved.

Old Business

Repeater Art/KW4AW

The 440 machine bit the dust in the last storm. Running with the backup 25W repeater. Three amplifiers hiding in Art's basement are in need of repair. There is also interference on the 2M repeater. The PL tone of 100 Hz should take care of the problem in the short term until we find out where it is coming from and get their help fixing it.

Education Bill/K9ZD

The course is still on track to start October 2nd 2002 through the 4th of December at Stonewall Jackson High School. Talk it up! There will be a VE session around the end of the course.

Field Day - Pins are available from Bill/N4WJN.

Hamfest - Jack/N4YIC

Approved for next year as an ARRL Hamfest.

Membership - Charlotte/KG4QXO

Nothing this month.

FAR - Ruth/KU4WH

Sept 7th and 8th is Fall Fest. Admission is $6 a person. For details - www.fallfest.com

Club EC - Brian/N8FK

Sunday August 25th - Loudon county 100 mile bike ride needs help. See K4LRG.ORG to help. They are passing traffic in formal NTS form. September 28th Nokesville set up starts at 7:00 am. Ride starts at 9:00 am. Also, on the 28th there is an ARES/RACES on-air celebration and net on VHF and HF. Christmas parade is 4 months away. Renew Skywarn every five years. If you haven't taken one is a few years, take another one!


New ARES call sign W4PWC for use by ARES for ARES related nets and emergencies. Also on a packet node hosted by N8FK. ARRL Emergency Comm. Level II opens today for registration. David briefly described the workings of the ARRL on-line courses. David showed off the RIGrunner 4008 powerpole distribution rig. Be sure to check out the PWC ARES web site at http://www.qsl.net/pwcares/ for upcoming events, including the Marine Corps Marathon, American Diabetes Walk and the Nokesville Bike Race.

New Business

QSL History - Art/KW4AW

Motion to donate $200 to QSL.net. Motion passed.

Program: Mobile RFI suppression presented by Brian/N8FK

Select a good location for your rig that is accessible and easy to work, out of direct sun light. Also make sure you have a good location for the radio base if it is remote mountable. Keep the power lines away from moving parts like throttle cables, and gears, spark plugs and distributors. Keep the route as short as possible. Fusing the lines at the batteries and the rig. Antenna's using mag mounts or drilling holes - either way is good. For some of the newer cars, mag mounts may not have enough metal to connect to. SO-239 are better mounts than NMO mounts. Height restrictions at 13'. If your antenna is higher, it is going to have to be flexible or it is going to snap off.

Reducing RFI is a process of elimination, starting with the engine off and moving through the steps until the car is fully running and your RFI/SWR are where you would like them to be. It is not a simple process other than trial and error and test, test, test.

Meeting adjourned at 2135