Minutes of the OVH Meeting

August 18, 2003

The meeting was called to order by President Ruth Frock / KU4WH at 2000 Eastern time.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and callsigns. There were 17 members and for guests present.

MINUTES: The minutes of the July 2003 OVH meeting were approved with minor corrections.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Bill / N4WJN - The treasurer's report passed.

ARES: David / KG4GIY - We need about 120 people for the Marine Corps Marathon. It's on October 26 and details are on the ARES website. There is a March of Dimes motorcycle ride, with details also on the ARES website. October 4 is the simulated emergency test. Several counties are participating. This may become a state-wide event. It will also take place throughout DC, VA and MD. Everyone is encouraged to participate. October 12 is the diabetes walk. We have not yet been contacted, but please put that date aside. Volunteers are needed for he 50-mile MS walk on September 5 - 7. FARFest is on Sept 6 and 7 and David will be making a presentation. The next Institute will either be on September 8 or 15. September 10 is the ARES Set Briefing.

REPEATERS: Butch / N4WJN - We still have some interference problems that are being worked out. We're going to make some hardware changes. The new batteries are all up and running.

EDUCATION: Bill / K9ZD - We have a flier for the new class. The class starts on October 8 and goes for ten weeks. We hope to have a VE session following the class. Thank you Bill for your efforts with amateur radio education.

MEMBERSHIP: Charllote / KG4QXO - Four members were voted in: David Meola / KI4AZX, Larry Snead / KI4AFQ, Barry Barton / WA4HR and Gerald Robison / WW5W. All were voted in unanimously.

WEEKLY NETS: Ruth / KU4WH - Ruth thanked all who have volunteered to be rotating weekLy net operators. Please forward requests to Ruth.

PACKET / HOMEPAGE: Bill / N4WJN - Nothing new on the packet side. We are moving the webpage onto a new server.

JOTA: Ruth / KU4WH – JOTA will take place on October 18 and 19.


Mark / KG4JAM gave a very interesting presentation on APRS. Thank you mark for your very interesting presentation.

50 / 50: Phil / AC4PL won the 50/50 drawing. A total of $20 was collected, $10 of which went to the Club.

The meeting adjourned at 2130 Eastern time.