Minutes of OVH Meeting

August 16, 1999

The meeting opened at 8:04 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call and signing the attendance sheet. There were 16 Members and 5 guests present.


Mike Kelly / AB4YY from ARES region 1, filling in for Jim Dodd / KF4LGV, presented an interesting discussion of VDEN (Virginia Emergency Digital Network). The VDEN system is primarily designed for emergency communications to / from the Virginia Emergency Operations Center in Richmond, VA. The coverage of the system is intended to cover the entire state. Some experimentation is permitted and encouraged on the VDEN network is emergency operations traffic is not in progress.

An Internet web site offering information about VDEN is located at http://users.erols.com/sagers

A similar system is the SEDEN (South East Digital Emergency Network) system in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton Roads area. This system is much more regulated than VDEN during non-emergency times. This system covers several southeastern states.

Mike presented several viewfoils of the coverage of the VDEN network within this area, and the location of various nodes.

The main packet frequency for VDEN is 145.730 MHz, at 1200 baud.

The program was very interesting, and generated lots of questions from club members.

New Members:

Applications read in: James Parsons / W4LTO and Tom Kotsch

David Lane whose membership was read in last month was voted in by the club membership.

Congratulations David, and welcome to James and Tom.

A new club membership chairman is needed, Please contact Mary Lou for more information.

A Birthday Party was held during the break for Harry The cake was great! Harry Congratulations on your 80th. Thanks from all the club members for great service to the club over many years.


The previous month's minutes and the treasurer's report were approved without questions.

Ham License class is to be held starting September 14, 1999, at the Stonewall Jackson High School, from 7 to 9 PM. The room number is not know at this time but will be arranged.

The Woodbridge wireless club is losing their repeater antenna site. Another site is arranged for, but the cost of moving the systems, and new cable for the antennas is considerable. They are looking for donations to assist with this effort.

A discussion of the ARES activities related to Y2K was held. At the present time it is planned for the PW county EOC to be staffed with 5 hams on 31 Dec 1999. A few laptops have been donated for use as portable packet terminals for ARES activities. Please contact Erv for more information.

A discussion of the Repeaters status was held. Repeater tone access misc. functions information should be included in the next month’s newsletter. Backup power was also discussed.

The fall bike ride and fun run is being held on September 25th at Nokesville Park. We need club members to support this activity. Please contact Erv for more information.

Mary Lou won the 50/50 raffle.

Details of the latest OVH activities, technical information, and membership information may be found on the Internet at: http://www.qsl.net/olevahams