Minutes of the OVH Meeting

Sept. 15, 2003

The meeting was called to order by President Ruth Frock/KU4WH at 2000 Eastern Time. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and callsigns. There were 23 members and one guest present.

PROGRAM: Karl/W4KRL’s presentation called "Vacation Station" was very interesting and informative. His "compact" station consisted of two different kinds of antennas – ham sticks that were mounted with a clamp onto a table or a deck and a more portable one (8 ft. high) made out of pvc that comes apart and fits into a small bag. Everything else needed for the complete station fit inside of a "briefcase" – Radio, coax, key, log, manuals, switching power supply, etc.

MINUTES: The minutes of the August 2003 OVH meeting were accepted unanimously.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Ruth/KU4WH read the Treasurer’s Report, which consisted of a Statement of Net Worth and an Income/Expense Report for Sept. 2003. The report passed unanimously.

REPEATERS: Butch/W4HJL stated that the repeaters are running fine. The next thing on the agenda is to hook the battery to the Controller (this week) and eventually they will shorten/clean up the cables and reroute them.

MEMBERSHIP: Ken/WB4ZOH (acting for Charlotte/KG4QXO) read in an application for membership from Richard Bejtlich/KD4PCD. This will be voted on at the next meeting.

ARES: Brian/N8FK reminded everyone that the Nokesville Bike Ride is coming up this weekend (Saturday, Sept. 20th) – that is, unless Hurricane Isabel comes this way. He also announced that we had a "Thank You" from Skywarn for the use of our Mast. Also, if we do need the generators because of the hurricane, please listen closely to the repeater, as they will need help in the form of trucks and "good backs" to get them out of the shed.

JOTA: JOTA Chairman, Paul/N2PJ announced that he cannot be in charge of the event this time, as he will be out of the country (mainland, at least). It will be the weekend of October 18th. Jack, N4YIC will pick up the event one more time – he has already secured the site of Urbanna Swim Club and will request the insurance coverage.

EDUCATION: Bill/K9ZD said that classes will begin on October 8th – they will be Wednesday evenings at 7 PM at Stonewall High School in Room 3A. Radio Shack no longer carries the book, so they must be purchased at HRO or he will have them for students to buy. Please everyone get out and advertise the class.


HAMFEST 2004 and MORE:


Jack, N4YIC – the chairman for the past several years, led a discussion of the possibilities and ideas that we should be pursuing for the future success of the Manassas Hamfest. Discussed were the ideas of having a two-day affair (more cost for the Fairgrounds) and not really enough "staffing" from the club. Also, the possibility of changing the date so as not to coincide with other Hamfests on the East Coast. Also, there was a thought of sharing the responsibility with another club – (which would also mean sharing our profits).

A motion was made and seconded to form a Hamfest Committee that would meet (other than at the regular monthly meeting) to further discuss and come up with a plan and to pick a group of people who can carry out these plans. That Chairperson would then make monthly reports to the club on the progress.

Jack, N4YIC added the following notes regarding alternative dates for the hamfest as an addendum to the official minutes:

Keith Johnson, Fairgrounds General Manager, confirmed that we will be allowed to change, without penalty, any Hamfest dates we have already contracted for, as long as there are no conflicts with future dates already contracted for by other parties.


Keith Johnson also advised there will be an additional fee of $1,500 imposed if we opt for a two-day Hamfest.  We would then pay a total of $4,500 for Fairgrounds rent, plus a $300 cleanup fee.


Jack presented a detailed list of potential alternative dates, citing reasons why most of them are not really feasible because of other established Hamfests we would be competing with.  There are a couple of reasonable opportunities, however, and we will closely monitor and confirm activity throughout the coming Hamfest season before possibly deciding on a new Hamfest date.


In keeping with our "Always The First Sunday In June"  track, we are currently contracted for a Hamfest on June 6, 2004, with an option to contract for another Hamfest on June 5, 2005.  Jack opined that we should continue planning for our scheduled 2004 Hamfest, while observing all Hamfest activity for one more year.  After the 2004 Hamfest, we should be well enough informed and in a position to declare a new Hamfest date for Manassas, if that is what the club membership decides to do.


Club President Ruth/KU4WH, announced that she will be establishing a new Hamfest Committee and is hopeful that a club member will volunteer to be the Hamfest Chair.


50/50: Mary Lu/KB4EFP won the 50/50 drawing. A total of $24 was collected - $12 going to the club.

The meeting adjourned at 2130 Eastern Time.