Minutes of OVH Meeting

September 20, 1999

The meeting opened at 8:02 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call and signing the attendance sheet. There were __ Members and _ guests present.


The previous month's minutes and the treasurer's report were approved without questions.

The license classes have been canceled due to insufficient interest. The classes will re-scheduled in the spring of 2000. Planning is underway for more public relations to help generate more interest.

The Nokesville Park bike ride and fun run is Saturday the September 25th. OVH members need to be there at 8AM. Members are to contact Larry KA4CTX for more information.

OVH will be assisting with communications for the Manassas Christmas parade, on Saturday, December 4th. Art / KW4AW will be coordinating the activity. Please contact him for more information. All OVH members who possibly can should assist with this effort.

The FAR Fest will be held Saturday, September 25th. The gates open at 6 AM.

Jack / N4YIC Jamboree on the air (JOTA) Scouting activity. It is hoped to hold this activity at the Urbana Swim Club. The JOTA takes place on the 3rd weekend of October (16, 17). John Fritz will be calling around to arrange staffing for this activity. Jack has antennas available. It is estimated that there may be as many as 75 scouts at this event.


Erv Reported on the preparations / planning for Y2K by the county and local authorities.

Fairfax is planning for amateur radio assistance with the manning of their command center for the week covering the year roll over. Manassas is requesting assistance of OVH members for this period also.

Erv also reported on the activities of ARES and the VA EOC during the recent flooding in southern Virginia. Help is still needed. Anyone available should contact the VA EOC to schedule his or her assignment. Do not try to go to the affected areas without arranging your assignment through the VA EOC.

Power may be out in those areas for an additional 3 weeks.

Art / KW4AW discussed the backup power for the OVH 2 meter repeater. A discussion was also held on the interference that is occurring on the OVH 2m repeater. Apparently is a combination of 2 paging system transmitters in the area, which is causing the problem. Contact phone numbers for these paging systems will be obtained. Apparently they have been very willing to work with us in the past to resolve the problems.

Further discussion was held on the Amateur licensing classes. It is planned to hold two sessions of training classes each year. The class would start about 12 weeks before a license examination would be scheduled. We all need to work with the local schools to find a couple which would help sponsor this activity. Hopefully to also help set up radio clubs within these schools. OVH members need to actively recruit for these classes.

New Business:

A discussion was held about the World Radio Magazine. There is a group rate subscription offer, and provisions for prizes to be provided for hamfests or other activities. There is a clubs section listing by geographic area. OVH will provide the needed information to be listed in this section. It was proposed that OVH purchase several subscriptions through the special offer. This proposal was seconded and passed by the members present.


The program was presented by Art / KW4AW on Radio Direction Finding.

Several different methods of RDF were described such as use of antenna patterns, use of nulls in certain antenna patterns, the theory of time difference of arrival RDF, and frequency difference or Doppler methods.

A couple types of Doppler RDF systems were demonstrated, as well as a discussion of examples of locating interference sources to the 2 meter repeater.

It was a very interesting discussion. Art has some of the hard to find parts needed to build these Doppler RDF systems. If you are interested, please contact Art. Some discussion was made of possibly scheduling a transmitter hunt activity in the near future.

Bill South won the 50/50 raffle, which he donated, back to the club.

Details of the latest OVH activities, technical information, and membership information may be found on the Internet at: http://www.qsl.net/olevahams