Minutes of the OVH Meeting

16 October 2000

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 PM by Art Wittem (KW4AW) acting as Chair.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.

Attendance: 14 Members and 4 Guests.

The past month's minutes and current financial status were approved by the membership.

Committee Reports

Membership: Jeff Poulin (KV4AP)

Gerald (Jerry) Engman (WB3IWY), was voted in - Welcome!

Training: Bill Hinely (K4WRG)

We are getting good publicity and turn out. 8-10 people attended the initial class and more have shown interest in attending. The class runs through the 12th of December with the VE session scheduled to occur on the 16th of December. Also, Bill brings to our attention that there are a variety of videos available from the ARRL on various topics that might be of interest.

VE Session: Art Whittem (KW4AW)

Keith cannot lead the effort for the VE session scheduled for the 16th of December, but Ruth (Ku4WH) is willing and working the lead. A locale is needed to host the session (suggestions include the Bennett School and the Manassas Campus of NVCC.) If you know a VE that is willing to help us out, have them contact Ruth.

Repeater: Art Whittem (KW4AW)

We still have 3 going strong. 2M amp still needs work. There is talk of another packet node.

ARES: Art Whittem (KW4AW)/Brian Cochran (KE4NFK)

Brian passes on his thanks to all those who helped out with the Bike tour on the 30th. Next year there will be water stops. Jeff (KV4AP) passes on the information that there will be a basic (Level 1) Skywarn class at the National Weather Service's Sterling Office from 9 am to 12:00 Noon.

JOTA: John Fritch (N4YOB)

The Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) will be held on Saturday October 21st with setup on Friday before starting at 1600h. The actual operation will begin at 0800 for the operators and the Scouts will begin at 0900. There will be 3 HF rigs operating.

New Business:

The issue of a club banner/logo was introduced by David Lane (KG4GIY). Logo ideas are posted on the web site. Club members are invited to submit suggestions or their own ideas. Also the issue of participating in the Manassas City Christmas Parade was raised by Brian Cochran (KE4NFK). Brian will look into the issues and what is involved. David also mentioned that we might consider participating in the Manassas City Fall Festival as well.

The evening presentation was QRP, presented by "Les Watttly (K4QRP)" standing in for Daniel James (AE4HS). It was a great presentation with lots of hands-on QRP building experiences.

The meeting was not formally adjourned as everyone was busy building QRP rigs. The next meeting is Monday November 20th and John Fritch (N4YOB) will Chair.