Minutes of the OVH Meeting

October 21, 2002

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Hinely / K9ZD at 2000 Eastern Time.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs. Twenty-Three members were present.

The minutes of the September 2002 meeting passed with one minor correction

Weekly Nets / Ken / WB4ZOH sent a note to AR Newsline to see if the audio file can be edited. At first sight it appears that it can not be edited for rebroadcast

Education / Bill / K9ZD - Only one student showed up for the technician class, so the class was called off. Bill is going to help the one person who showed up get his license. The consensus of those present is that we should still have the OVH VE session on December 1.

Club Emergency Coordinator / Brian / N8FK - Brian contacted the Chamber of Commerce about the Christmas parade. He's having trouble contacting the people. If we are going to do a float, we need to decide by Nov. 7. No decision was made on the float, and there did not seem to be much enthusiasm at the meeting. The parade date is December 7.

ARES / David / KG4GIY - David thanked everyone who participated in the Diabetes Association Walk on the Manassas National Battlefield.

At one point in time, there was a "National Capital Area Council" that acted as a mutual support aid or clearing house for "disasters" in the Washington DC area. That organization fell apart with the "VA events." Shortly after Sept 11, 2001, an E-mail list was started to the ECs to try and reform the former area council. At the FAR Fest, there was some dialogue with the VA ECs to put back together this mutual aid and support organization. We're in the early stages of this. There will be another meeting November and guidelines, frequencies, the ability of hams from other jurisdictions to assist in other organizations will be established. David Noted that Maryland has had some recent problems with La Plata and Kensington. The goal is to be able to do regional support for one another. There will be some further information in Autocall.

David thanked everyone who is helping with the Marine Corps Marathon.

Treasurerís report / Ruth / KU4WH - Ruth read the details from the Treasurerís report, and the report passed.

Historian / Bill / K9ZD / We have a volunteer (please fill in who the volunteer is - I believe that it is the wife of John / KG4QXO)

JOTA / Bill / K9ZD - We had three stations. We made some contacts in Europe. The event was successful. Thanks to everyone who helped.

Membership / Charlotte / KG4QXO

Read in - Harold Shilling / K4OPS

Three new members voted on / Karl Berger / W4KRL, Noel Wolber/ NW5N and Wayne Kline/ KG4URN were voted in. All were approved by the membership present. Welcome Karl, Noel and Wayne to the OleĎ Virginia Hams.

Repeaters / Art / KW4AW - The repeaters are mostly o.k. We have had a new amplifier donated to us.

Minutes / The minutes of the September 2002 meeting was passed with one minor correction. (The call sign of Wayne Kline changed from KE4URN to KG4URN.)

New Business:

John / N4YOB resigned as a director of OVH. We need to nominate a new board member. We asked Jack / N4YIC to replace John. Butch made a motion, and the motion passed, so Jack / N4YIC is the new board member. Thank you Jack for your willingness to serve on the OVH Board.

Brian / N8FK - OVH member Nick / N3WG, who was a very active young member of OVH, moved to Los Angeles California. His phone number is (818) 776-9810. Brian read a letter from Nick addresses to all OVH members at the meeting.

Ken / WB4OZH- edited the autopatch procedures in the membership packet to indicate that we should not read the autopatch over the air.

Art / KW4AW - Art asked if we want to come up with an established OVH logo for a sticker, bumper sticker or magnets.

Science book / Lloyd / N4OOM gave a brief talk about the book planet - X Commmets and Earth Changes by James M. McCanney.

Paul / N2PJ submitted his name as a JOTA rep.

Tom / WA2QAL contacted four Baltimore HR clubs regarding the Railroad Historical event to be held next summer. Tom had good response from the clubs. The excursions have not been finalized yet.


Bill / K9ZD played a video tape on the early days of Amateur Radio. The video covered the trials that amateurs once had to go through to make DX contacts. The part on using 600 volts of DC to power the transmitter really raised eyebrows of all OVH members present. All present agreed that the "old days" are very interesting, and also acknowledged that that things are much easier these days. Thank you Bill for providing a very interesting video of amateur radio in its early stages.

The meeting adjourned at 2147 Eastern Time.