Minutes of the OVH Meeting

October 18, 2004


John / KG4NXT called meeting to order at 2001 Eastern time.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all presented stated their names and call signs. There were 24 OVH members present.



OVH member Mark Braunstein / WA4KFZ gave a presentation on Digital Signal Processing, or DSP. Mark discussed exactly what a DSP or "software based" radio is and the advantages and disadvantages of these radios. In his presentation, Mark did an excellent job of balancing the technical details of DSP along with "intuitive" explanations of this technology. Thank you Mark for your presentation on DSP.


MINUTES – The minutes of the September 2004 OVH meeting were approved with no corrections.

TREASUERER’S REPORT - The Treasurer’s report was presented by Bill / N3OH.

REPEATERS – Butch / W4HJL - The repeaters are working very well. In November, work will be done on the 440 repeater.

WEEKLY NETS – John / KG4NXT – The Nets are going well. David / KI4AZX will be managing the OVH net. Thank you David for your help with the OVH Net.

ARES – Brian / NC4J – We need someone to coordinate the Manassas Christmas Parade. There is still a need for more radio operators for the Marine Corps Marathon this Sunday, October 31.

PACKET / WEBPAGE – Bill / N3OH – Since Bill’s callsign has changed, there are changes in the packet callsigns. Send Bill and E-mail and he can get the changes that you need. The OVH webpage is working well and Bill is making some enhancements.

HISTORIAN – Theresa / KG4TVM - We now have a special events log form to tell who participated in various events, and give a description of what occurred at OVH events. This form will help with recordkeeping and historical purposes.

JOTA – Butch / W4HJL – We had a great turnout at JOTA of both scouts and OVH volunteers. Thanks go to all who participated.


George / K4GVT presided over a general discussion on BPL. George had a recording showing that BPL practically wiped out the signals of WWV on 5 and 10 MZ. There was significant noise at 15 MZ, but the WWV station was audible. A recording showed that one conversation on 40M had significant BPL noise and interference. Another recording on 40M showed that noise covered up an otherwise audible S9 conversation. Thank you George and other members of the OVH who have helped with the BPL issue.

50/50 – John / WA1STU won the 50/50 drawing. A total of $30 was collected, and John took home $15 and the Club collected $15.

The meeting adjourned at 2133 Eastern time.