Minutes of the OVH Meeting

October 16, 2006



John / KG4NXT called meeting to order at 2000 Eastern Time.


Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.  There were 25 OVH members and one guest present.




John / KG4NXT recently attended an ARRL section meeting.  Glen Sage, our section manager, was there.  This took place at the new Red Cross shelter.  You need to have a background check before going to the shelter.  Glenn also brought up the example of the Japan amateur radio association, which has gone from 1.1 million to 100 thousand members.  ARRL is doing much better in terms of retaining membership, but we need to keep that in mind that sustained high membership can not be taken for granted.  They feel that FCC will go “no code” at some point.


We have JOTA this weekend.  Theresa / KG4TVM gave the details.  It’s at the Urbana swim this on the October 21.  We are recruiting scouts and we have some promises.  We need volunteers.  We will have an antenna party on Friday at 9:30a.m.  We have a flier posted in the scout leaders mailbox, so the word has been spread.  Dwight / AI4II noted that this is a great social event for the OVH as well as a great event for the scouts.  Al / KB4BHB has submitted an application to become a merit badge counselor.




The minutes of the September 2006 OVH meeting were approved.


Bill / N3OH read the Treasurer’s Report.


REPEATERS: Art / W1CRO - All repeaters are working well for the most part.  There has been some interference in the mornings.  We may have to go to 100 PL on 2 meters bull time, but we realize there is still some older equipment that does not have PL capability.


Joe / KI4OHR noted that his daughter’s school (Cedar Park Elemtary) recently held a “space week” and had an astronaut give a presentation on living in space.  Joe is going to send an application to have an event to have the students at the school contact the International Space Station (ISS) in May 2007.  Joe will provide updates.  George / K4TVM and Mark / WA4KFZ are well versed in satellite communication and have the proper equipment.


EDUCATION: Brian / WC4J – We have three students in the class and all is going well.


PACKET: Bill / N3OH - Bill’s station is not working, but the OVH node is still working.  Other stations are still working.  The webpage server is working well.  The 9600 baud node is working well.


EMERGENCY COORDINATOR: David / KI4AZX – There is a state-wide training drill on October 24 called “fowl play.”  One purpose is to provide packet training.  David / KG4GIY is coordinating this event.  Volunteers are still needed for the Marine Corps Marathon.




John / KG4NXT noted that there was some sentiment to start the monthly meeting earlier.  The general consensus was to begin the meeting at 7:30p.m.  A motion was made to begin the meeting at 7:30p.m. beginning with the November 2006 meeting.  The motion passed with just one dissenting vote.


A general discussion of possibly moving the meeting sight took place, and several members volunteered to look into different sights.


Steve Meade / KB4OF had an operation last week to remove a brain tumor.  We all with Steve a speedy and full recovery.


 Art / W1CRO won the 50/50 raffle.  $36 was collected, and Art donated his winning share back to the Club.  Thank you Art.


The meeting adjourned at 2109 Eastern time.