Minutes of OVH Meeting

October 18, 1999

The meeting opened at 8:17 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance, oral roll call and signing the attendance sheet. There were 14 members and 1 guest present. The meeting opened late due to a mix up with NOVEC that resulted in a delay in getting access to the building.


The program was presented by Mike Toia K3MT on the Subject of Antenna Systems (S/W, VHF, UHF and stealth or hidden) He worked for a period of time for VOA. Part of his presentation was on the high power antennas, which are used by government and commercial S/W broadcast stations. He also presented information on amateur radio scale S/W and VHF antennas. A particularly interesting section was on hidden or stealth antennas. A number of different techniques were presented. A very compact portable design called the GRASSWIRE antenna was described. Information on this antenna and some others are available on the K3MT web site at: http://www.erols.com/k3mt . This was a very interesting program.

Thank you Mike K3MT!


The Treasurers report and previous minutes were approved without questions.


The Manassas Christmas parade is being held on 4 December 1999. OVH members are needed to assist with communications for this event. Please contact Art KW4AW for further information.

The Nokesville Fun Run and Bike ride was a successful event. Thank you to all who assisted with this event. A similar event will be held in the spring. It is expected that this will be an even larger event.

JOTA (Jamboree On The Air):

The JOTA was successful. About 22 scouts participated in this event. Friday the antenna systems were setup ready for Saturday. On Saturday, the radios were connected and operations commenced. This activity was held at the Urbana Swim Club. The activities completed about noon. Pictures of this event were displayed at the club meeting. They will also be placed on the OVH web site http://www.qsl.net/olevahams


A membership chairperson is needed, Please contact Cathy for further information.


Some discussion of when the repeaters should be linked was discussed. They are normally linked together for networks and for meeting talk-in.


Some OVH ARES members have received their state issued ID cards.

The Marine Corps marathon was held with many OVH members participating with the communications coverage of the event.

50/50 raffle:

Our Guest speaker Mike K3MT won the raffle.