Minutes of the OVH Meeting

19 November 2001

The meeting was called to order at 2005 by President Jeff Poulin (N1SN).

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.

The Treasurer's report and the past month's minutes were passed.

Committee Reports

Education: Bill Hinley (K9ZD)

Class is moving along. Will have to squeeze in another class because the school was locked. Some need some individual attention. Test will start 1300 on the 9th of December at the Central Library Branch on Mathis Avenue. Now we need some VEs. We have two (Jim - W4JTP and Dave - WW4MM have stepped up). Bill's new email is k9zd@arrl.net

JOTA: Jack McDermott (N4YIC)/John Fritsch (N4YOB)

30 kids participated. Good turnout. Got a good contact with an Eagle Scout that spent a good amount of time with the kids. Media in the local press. Same time next year. Thanks to all who helped out.

Membership: Susan Poulin (K3SSB)

Two to read in. Chris Bertaut (KU4FT), Tim Fritsch(KG4OJG)

One to vote Hugh Fegely N3GJG - Welcome Hugh!

Ham Fest: Jack McDermott (N4YIC)

Ham fest is chugging along as normal.

ARES: David Lane (KG4GIY)

Brian Cochran (KE4NFK) needs the volunteers for the Christmas Parade. About a dozen people. Meeting at 7:30 at the old DMV building.

Packet: Bill South (N4WJN)

Packet is down at the node site. Hard drive crash and a radio failure. If you have knowledge of ICOM IC-38A series please give Bill a call. The radios have been replaced at least once already. OVH node is down, the BBS is down.

New News:

Vienna Ham Fest is Sunday March 3, 2002 at NVCC Annandale. VE Session is the day before. OVH thanks the Vienna Wireless Society for the donation of a table.

Informal operating time on Sunday at Signal Hill Park in Manassas Park. QRP, battery powered. No generators. Have fun. Planning to get together starting around noon.