Minutes of the OVH Meeting

November 18, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 2002 Eastern time by President Bill Hinely/K9ZD.

NET: Ken/WB4ZOH: 8 minutes 40 seconds at a clip for the net. The copy write is presented at the end, edited at the beginning, and Ken points people to where the full version is (www.arnewsline.net).

HAMFEST: Jack/N4YIC: Nothing new to report at the moment.

EDUCATION: Bill/K9ZD: Class not running because of lack of

participation. Next class to occur in March with the exam to occur during

the Hamfest in June. We are still planning to have the December VE session.

CLUB EC: Brian/N8FK: Parade on December 7th. 3 new positions to be staffed

and still 5 spots open on the route. We will shadow the organizer, the judges, and the starter. As of today, the Kena were not in the parade. Skywarn Recognition Day (Dec 7) - Brian would like to borrow the club's triband beam for use at the NWS on that day. Runs the whole day - 7pm Friday to 7pm Saturday. Brian would like some help on the Antenna party before hand (12 - 3 timeframe). A motion was made to loan Brian the antenna and the vote passed to loan the gear to Brian for the Skywarn Recognition Day Benefit - work the weather station in Hawaii and get a special certificate.

ARES: David/KG4GIY: EC Council meeting - Training Institute is trying to be

restarted. First classes will be at Winter Fest and include a Skywarn I

class and possibly a hurricane class and two other courses to be

determined. Also there is a desire to gage reaction for running a class

room based EMCOMM I course. Looking to be a 6 week course, on half day

each week.

Treasurerís Report: Passed

FAR: Ruth/KU4WH: Nothing to report.

HISTORIAN: Theresa/KG4TVM: Get your OVH Historical documents to Theresa.

HOMEPAGE: Bill: Any new links that are of interest, get them to Bill.

MEMBERSHIP: Charlotte/KG4QXO: Tom Shilling/K4OPS welcome to the OVH. One

to read in: Matthew Berger/KG4UNL

REPEATERS: Art/KW4AW: Art has been busy. NOVEC has fixed their power and

we are back on the mains again. We have to do something about our

batteries sooner rather than later. Butch got the UHF amp fixed and it

needs to be tested and restored to the rack. David opens Pandora's box to

suggest a "capital improvement fund" - a voluntary contribution by the

membership to cover replacements and capital improvement at the Repeater

and Node sites as well as other critical gear that the club owns. This may

require a more involved discussion of the Board and the membership in

keeping with the by-laws. W4KRL is going to help Art look into the

batteries. Autopatch is behaving in a flaky manner - could be related to the

levels. "Personal" speed dials can be set up. Get with Art to set it

up. Jim suggests we need to have a listing for what needs to be improved

and what the estimated costs would be and the priority order to fund them.

Minutes from the last meeting: Correction to the minutes: Operating Event -

National Railroad - Tom talked to one club in Baltimore rather than four as

listed in the minutes. John/N4YOB resigned from the board rather than

John/N4WJN. Jack/N4YIC replaced him. Minutes passed as corrected.

VE Session: The December VE session is postponed for this year.

NEW BUSINESS: Ken/WB4ZOH: Ken has presented us with a certificate. OVH ARC

is going to Mars! Maybe we will catch up with our radio signals.


PSK31 - Presented by John/KG4NXT and Dwight/K9ERF. Thank you John and Dwight for your presentation on PSK31.