Minutes of the OVH Club Meeting

November 21, 2005


Ruth/KU4WH called meeting to order at 2003 Eastern Time.


Following the Pledge of Allegiance, all present stated their names and call signs.  There were 16 OVH members present.




The minutes of the October 2005 OVH meeting were approved with no corrections.


Bill/N3OH read the Treasurer’s Report.




John/KG4NXT, Mark/WA4KFZ and Dwight/AI4II gave a presentation on the Softrock40 Quadrature Sampling Detector (QSD).  Thank you John, Mark and Dwight.




REPEATERS – George/K4GVT - The OVH repeater group was at the repeater sight last Monday.  The 440 antenna has been replaced with a 440/1.2 antenna.  All connectors were changed at the antennas.  Karl/W4KRL built a new charging unit.  All of the backup batteries are now fused independently, so they will be easier to service in the future.


MEMBERSHIP – John/WA1STUPatrick Innes/W4TQI was voted into the Club unanimously.  Welcome to the Ole’ Virginia Hams, Patrick.  Kevin Utzy/KA4RNH and Barry Whitney/W4TQI read in and will be voted on for membership into the OVH at the December 2005 meeting.


ARES – David/KI4AZX - David read a thank you letter from David/KG4NXT for everyone’s help with various ARES events.

Steve/N4OGR – Steve noted that the NIMS class can be taken online.  The reason for taking the NIMS class is that the County is pushing it.  They (County officials) want everyone “to be on the same page if and when something happens.”  The Red Cross is interested in our input regarding ham radio for the new Red Cross building.


BPL – George/K4GVT - According to the BPL people, they found BPL noise on the amateur bands on readings taken on November 20, 2005.  However, they claim that the notch is working.  George responded noting the problems.  There will be a BPL meeting coming up on December 6 at 10:00 a.m. at the Manassas Electric Company.


Ruth/KU4WH noted that the OVH Christmas party will take place on Saturday, December 10.  The Heartney’s have again graciously offered their home as the location for the party.  Thank you John and Theresa.


50/50 - $30 was collected, and Theresa/KG4TVM won and generously donated her winning back to the Club.  Thank you Theresa.


The meeting adjourned at 2135 Eastern time.






Happy Birthday to our friends and fellow Hams: Dianne/KI4FVV, Alan/KD4KBX, Ken/W5AOC (90 this year!), Charles/WA1FFX, Alman/KI4BXS, Samuel/WB4FGS, Bill/N3OH, George/N4XSL.  Hope each of you has a great day!


Put the Ham goodies on your wish list!  Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Thanks, and 73 de Jan/KE4TMW