Minutes of OVH Meeting:

15 Nov 1999:

The meeting started at 8:02 PM. After the pledge of allegiance, all present stated their name and call sign. There were 13 members and 2 guests present.


Dick Maylott - W2YE, presented the program. Dick is the QSL manager for the Region 4 QSL Bureau. He talked about the purpose of QSL cards. One thought about these as a way to record those memories of conversations with friends held over the radio.

Some of the many various awards were also discussed, like DXCC and Worked All States (WAS).

A discussion of the various ways to help get a better rate of return of QSL cards was discussed, like sending a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE), and the use of (IRCís) International Return Coupons.

Dick also discussed the operation of the Region 4 QSL bureau. There are 26 letter managers. A letter manager is assigned for each letter of the English alphabet. This helps break up the work so that it can be done on a voluntary basis. There are 11 QSL bureaus within the United States of America.

Volunteers are needed and welcomed to assist with the work of the letter managers, and speed the processing of QSL cards.


The past months minutes and the current financial report were approved.

There was a discussion of donations, which OVH makes during December each year, to various organizations.

Manassas Christmas Parade - Art / KW4AW

The various assignments of OVH members in this event were discussed.


The local Pager Company installed a new filter. Art KW4AW was working with the Pager Company to check the effectiveness of this new filter. There was a discussion of the problems with long noise bursts, which are interfering with 440 repeater. Due to the intermittent nature of this problem it will be more difficult to identify the cause of the problem.


Jeff / KB4AP is the new membership chairman.


A discussion was held of the planned activities for the year rollover. Please contact Erv for further information. All members are encouraged to get their gear and themselves ready to support these activities if it is needed. All members are encouraged to check in stating at 9PM on Dec 31st and pass along information on your availability during this time.

50/50 raffle:

Mary Lou won the raffle.